By Healing yourself, you heal the world

As modern science progresses, the world is beginning to understand how vital the connection between mind, body and spirit is. Our mission is to provide a place for people to deepen their understanding of this connection so they too can find their true happiness. Through mindfulness, soul connection and healing of the body we can all discover our purpose and consciously live it.
"At Intempus we often get submerged into daily routine and get stressed out from our fast growing and dynamic environment. At some point we loose self awareness, focus and productivity. Knowing many benefits of meditation such as improved concentration, stress reduction, improved self awareness, increased acceptance and much much more I knew this is something we must try in the corporate world. I've heard many good things about Silicon Valley Wellness and I thought it would be a great idea for my team to pause for a few minutes, relax, and decompress under the guidance of the mind trainer guru - Maria. We had an introductory 45 minute session consisting of stress management presentation, worksheet and participation, followed by sound healing and meditation. I had high expectations, but they were most certainly exceeded after I opened my eyes at surroundings 45 minutes later. You will be surprised how brief guided meditation can change your way of thinking. The whole group loved Maria's professionalism, expertise, beautiful mind and we are definitely planning on scheduling the next session soon. Can't wait to try yoga meditation next!" Mike