We Love you MOM! 

Last year, tragedy struck our family and my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer after experiencing some stomach pain. What started as a small inconvenience soon changed our lives. We banded together and stood by her side as she began the fight for her life. From traditional chemo and radiation therapy to holistic methods, we explored every avenue.
My mother, through this, fought with the courage and strength that I had come to expect from my mother.
Yet, it was not enough and she was taken away from us a short six months later. Our family was shocked. How was this possible? How did our mom, the very vision of strength that has been the rock of our family, succumbed to cancer? As a family, we reflected on the fact that she had left us, but not without imparting a part of her soul into every single one of us. She left with us many gifts: gifts of love, kindness, and compassion. As our family continues to heal, we learned to embrace her final gift: her power to inspire us to make a difference in the world.
We learned that we can’t wait for change to happen to us. She taught as that if our bodies are starting to hurt, then we are simply too late. Instead, we must always push forward and be agents of positive change that we want in our lives. We want to empower people to make the change in their life because everyone deserves a healthy life. We must be better for ourselves.
Our mission is to embrace the gifts our mother gave us and to share it with the world. We hope that through us, you find a community you can call family, a coach that will help guide you be your best physical self, and most importantly, we hope you find yourself through this journey.

“Sometimes asking for help is the bravest move you can make, you don’t have to go it alone”

Our Team

Lisa Lewis

Lisa Lewis

VP Public Relations

I live each and every day with gratitude for every moment I am here. I’m striving to be the strongest and healthiest being I can be. To fulfill my life’s passion to help others, which feeds my soul.
I’ve embarked on a journey of discovering all possibilities of self-healing, empowerment and living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Of working on one’s self from within, as I battle a rare bone infection which has manifested into other diseases, continually changing the course of my life. This humbling experience taught me how the body, mind and spirit work as one and wish to be with like-minded souls who want to learn, share and celebrate the beauty of what life has to offer, so we can be the happiest and healthiest mindful people we can be.
Daria Dasha Kouzmenko

Daria Dasha Kouzmenko


“It’s not about what others can do for you but what you can do for them.”
I am on a mission to inspire people to live better, happier and healthier lives and to seek guidance from experts in the field.
My passion to help others and create a like minded community for healthy souls inside and out was sparked when my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I left my full time tech advertising career to care for her 24-7 and got to spend an amazing 3.5 months by her side before she passed. Through research, experimentation and my studies at Stanford University, I realized that I possess the necessary skills to create something magnificent that would help the community.  With the power of sharing and helping one another within the community & beyond – we can make a difference in countless lives.  
I want amazing individuals to experience the powerful and personal transformations made possible by improving our thinking, health and appearance.
Maria Masha Kouzmenko

Maria Masha Kouzmenko


Masha Kouzmenko earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley in December 2011. She began learning about healthy living when her mother got sick with cancer.  
 She began learning and implementing many holistic therapies. When her mother opted out of Western medicine.  It wasn’t until her mother passed away that Masha understood that healing really begins from within.  Since then she has traveled to Southeast Asia to study and practice Buddhism and meditation.