January 20, 2016

Adriane Gil – Spiritual Massage, Sound Healing, DIY beauty & holistic nutrition

Adriane Gil – DIY natural organic Skin products & holistic nutrition 

5 stars 

Hello there, my passion for helping others stared at a fairly young age as I am the oldest of four children. So you can imagine the role I took on personally when our mother was not able to help raise all of us. My nurturing heart took me to many places, but none has made me happier than where I am now. I am a skin therapist who is also getting started on my holistic nutrition path. The skin is the largest organ on the body so one must know how to properly take care of it, because it is also our biggest detox tool. A lot of people want a quick fix in the skin department, ie a facial, a cream, some magical cream that will take your skin problem away. But it all stems to what you are putting in and on your body. As well as providing facials, waxing, and massage services I dive deep with clients to get to the root of whatever is concerning them with their skin. We discuss topics such as hydration, nutrition, movement, detox methods , aruveydic herbs, mineralization, skin cleaning solutions, fasting, and whatever else is relevant to your needs. I am here for you because we are all here to help one another. If allowed, big hugs and crystal work are my personal favorites.I look forward to working with you!!?
Credentials:  Esthetician license
Years exp:  7 years
Title:  Esthetician/ Skin Therapist

Online services: I will teach you how to create natural products for face/ hair/ body. I will teach you how to create super water that revitalizes the body from the inside. I will teach you how to eat healthy and loose weight. 

In person Services:  30 min facial $40
60 min facial $100
Brazilian $40
Brazilian(male) $60
Bikini $30
Brow $15
Lip $7
Full Arm $35
Full Leg $50
Back $35
Brow tint $20
Skin cleaning solution $100

Spiritual Massage, Sound Healing, DIY natural organic Skin products & holistic nutrition!