May 30, 2018



Healthy People + Happy Homes = Heavenly Planet

All you need to do is show up to get to the root cause of patterns and problems in your home to create the success you want. Have you have tried every diet out there and still aren’t able to lose weight or boost your metabolism? Discovering what foods your body likes and dislikes can be a challenge. If you’ve taken the traditional 237-food-panel test or endured pricks and pains to learn your food allergies, you know what I’m talking about. These traditional tests cost hundreds of dollars and take time.

  • What if there’s an easier option to know your body’s nutritional preferences without stepping out of your home?

  • What if you could easily assess not just 237 foods but also 100+ herbs, 100+ additives and other ingredients?

  • What if you could learn the precise vitamins and minerals that your body needs right now?

  • What if you could nourish your body with what it actually likes so there is no more struggle with food choices when you cook or eat out?

This session is for you if:

  • You have tried countless diets and have a bittersweet relationship with food

  • You are slightly aware of your food sensitivities and want to know more

  • You want to eat better but are confused about where to start

  • You have challenges with your digestion or metabolism

  • You frequently experience heartburn or bloating

  • You struggle with weight issues in the abdomen area

Why sign up for this?

  • No more mystery grocery shopping with your customized YES and NO food list

  • No needles, samples or multiple tries

  • No wasting time driving to multiple test sites

  • No more trying something just because it’s the fad everyone is talking about

  • No more dumping dozens of unneeded supplements into your body

  • No more wasteful experimenting while cooking or eating out

What’s included?

  • A phone assessment that completely addresses your YES and NO food list and more

  • Review of your current supplements and recommendations for modifications

  • A personalized supplement list to jumpstart your healing journey

  • Printout of your assessment in an easy-to-follow format

  • A follow-up session to answer any questions, as needed

Sessions are conducted via phone and video conference.


Did you know that all the things you’ve been filling up your home with have their own energies and they may be weighing you down and keeping you stuck?

This energetic home makeover goes far beyond feng shui, vatsu and other “home placement” systems where the same rules apply to everyone. It is actually harmonized with the energies of your particular home and its inhabitants.

  • Are you looking to move or are you already in your dream home?

  • Have you been feeling a nudge to move but don’t know where?

  • Are you living in the right city, town or even country?

  • Is your home or office number a benefit or detriment to you?

  • Is your home or office facing the cardinal direction that is aligned with you?

This session is for you if:

  • You are experiencing stagnation or stuck-ness in one or more areas of your life

  • You sometimes feel more tired or stressed at home than in other places

  • You have accumulated way too much stuff and have a hard time letting go

  • You are seeking change but old patterns keep pulling you down

  • You live in a very old home that has had many previous owners and you sense that there is too much history

  • You live in a home where either the people or the structure has experienced some kind of trauma and the energy feels heavy

Why sign up for this?

  • You want a clearing and activation for your home

  • You are ready to make those little changes that will up-level the energy of your home in big ways

  • You are ready to re-connect with your home and make it your sacred safe space

  • You are ready for the next major step in your personal evolution

  • You want your home to support and rejuvenate you

What’s included?

  • This session can be done in person or via video conference

  • Review of key rooms or entire home / office

  • Elimination of items (artifacts, pictures, statues, furniture, crystals, décor, etc.) that are not positively aligned with you

  • Arrangement of room interiors to bring in vital life force and allow the free flow of positive energy

  • Customized colors and other recommendations based on your energetics

  • Cleansing and activation ceremonies


his program is a power-packed journey of inner and outer transformation, which results in gradual yet deep, long-lasting change.

The energies from your internal environment (your physical, emotional and energetic state), as well as your external environment (your home and office) can either totally support or completely stop you from making progress in various areas of your life.

For example: Have you ever walked into someone’s home and felt like you made a mistake going there? Conversely, have you ever met someone whom you instantly trusted and wondered why?

If the energies of your home or office in terms of location, direction, numbers, placement of rooms, wall color, pictures, furniture, statues and other physical objects do not align with your energy, they will weigh and wear you down, leaving you fatigued and foggy.

Similarly, when there is dis-ease of any sort in the body, it is crying out for attention. Often, health issues signify a spiritual crisis of meaning that we are wired to ignore or suppress with pills. It may be emotional, energetic, physical, fear, attachment or a traumatic memory. Instead of making excuses for what’s going on, this program will empower you to own all parts of you – the ones you love or hate, accept or reject, known or unknown, embrace or abandon, light or shadow pretty or ugly, good or bad.

This work is not a temporary fix; it brings about long-lasting changes. Going deep and far are essential to break free from these limiting patterns and energies so you can experience prosperity, purpose and passion in every area of your life.

This session is for you if:

  • You know there is something missing in your life and health but can’t define what it is

  • Your emotions are all over the map and you don’t know why

  • You are experiencing a mysterious ailment or illness that you can’t resolve

  • The environment that you are in brings down your energy levels and is making you fatigued

  • You consistently help and take care of others and now need someone to help and support you

  • You sense that there is deeper meaning and purpose to your life and want to tap into the “reason you are here.”

  • Your job or work is draining your life force

Why sign up for this?

  • You are ready to manifest your ideal home and environment

  • You are ready to get to the root cause of hidden health issues that is impacting your relationships , work, wealth, peace of mind and lifestyle

  • You are ready to reconnect and rekindle your inner spark and secret gifts

  • You are ready to create the sacred space for your home, body and spirit

  • You know deep transformation is essential to activating your own inner healer

What’s included?

  • Either 3 or 6 months of support, depending on what we are working on in your life

  • Comprehensive personal energy blueprint scan and reading

  • Healing outline to support your journey

  • 5 remote healing transmissions per month

  • 2 phone sessions per month

  • Custom training and activations to re-kindle your inner spark, heal your broken heart and claim your inner power

  • Discover and up-level your home’s vibe score

  • Option to select energetic makeover for your home

  • Includes reading for Reveal and Heal Your Food Hang-ups

Sessions are conducted via phone and video conference.