Chasing after your dreams and passions will lead to success, chasing money won’t.

Chasing after your dreams and passions will lead to success, chasing money won’t.
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Now let’s make something clear…the perception of ‘rich’ all comes down to the individual. It is the passion itself that leads to one’s wealth. Chances are, if you’re chasing money, you’ll probably end up with nothing at all. Money shouldn’t be the object of your goals; it should be the idea of success. Hard work in itself leads to success, and with success, comes wealth. Find your passion.
Guess what? Out of all the successful figures in our world today, none of them were even after the money, knowing that money is actually their own worst enemy. . Happiness is down the road.
Make sacrifices now, and enjoy the benefits later. Understand what you want and how you can get it. If it comes to making difficult choices and risking what you already have, do it. Risk can reap the greatest benefit. Chasing after your dreams and passions will ultimately lead you down the path to success, chasing money won’t.
Gratitude, trusting my gut, having a higher vision

Gratitude, trusting my gut, having a higher vision
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Recently I was overcome by a wave of gratitude about my life. It was one of those moments where I stepped back and took inventory of how far I have come. I had managed to accumulate everything I wanted. I realized my dreams had come true. It’s still in process, but if I died tomorrow, I would leave this Earth with complete blissful happiness and zero (nada) regrets. So, I wanted to share how I got this far.
1. I settle for nothing less. I trust my gut and it never lets me down. The more we point our life in the direction of “hell yeses” the more they will come to us easier.
2. I made the decision that it will happen. It’s a moment I drew the line in the sand and said, “No more. I will not settle for a these office politics and the way I am treated – NO MORE.”
3. I truly believe I am worthy. I had settled for the life I had before (as well as the relationship) because I didn’t think I could do any better. I have made the decision that as long as I live, I am in control of my making my dreams and happiness a reality.
4. I surround myself with people who hold a higher vision for myself. Funny things happen when you and your surroundings think highly of you. The Universe bring people, events, opportunities and money into my life.
5. I’m learning to relax breath and do my best every day. This is still a work in progress, being patient and doing my best.
6. I refuse to focus or give power to things I don’t want. Obsessing for what?
7. I listen to my gut feelings.
8. I accept that my life and my dreams are not a destination. We constantly keep growing. We should never strive for bigger better dreams!
Hangout with your fears – face it. Laugh it off.

Hangout with your fears – face it. Laugh it off.
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Someday is today. Look at your fears, they are your friends. After all .. how would you know that you overcome fear if you never feel it. 
Let’s look at how you find that motivation to understand fear.. 
All the things we have in common:
Fear of change
Fear of being uncomfortable
Fear of uncertainty
Being tired
Fear of failure
Fear of not being good enough
Not having time
Being busy
Waiting for something to happen
Perfectionism- what is that?
Being overwhelmed
Not knowing how
We all have these fears…
Fears are healthy… they are part of human existence. 
Yes, the fear of failure and change and discomfort and uncertainty are real … but they’re not good enough reasons for inaction.
Experience the fear and continue to keep moving forward.. you will laugh it off .. once it is in the past. 
Living in the present moment

Living in the present moment
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Your point of power is in the present moment. When you use the ‘past’ as your reference, you are potentially limiting yourself. Your point of power is in the present moment. You can do whatever you set your mind to regardless of what happened to you in the past.
Ways I learned to let go and start a new beginning:
1) meditation is key! It helps create a tranquil mental state where emotions of the past are not polluting the present
2) being grateful for all the experiences, even the painful once. Every experience has a valuable lesson.
3) I’m telling a new story of my amazing accomplishments instead of repeating the same sob story
4) I am forgiving and letting go of anger and trapped emotions
Is today the day you let go of the past and start a brand new beginning?
Starting a Business in 2016? Avoid These 5 ‘Beginner’ Mistakes.

Starting a Business in 2016? Avoid These 5 ‘Beginner’ Mistakes.
Silicon Valley Wellness

Starting a Business in 2016? Avoid These 5 ‘Beginner’ Mistakes.
1. Expecting overnight success
Very few businesses are going to go from launch to successful revenue monster overnight.
2. Sitting back and assuming sales will roll in
It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is — if nobody knows it exists, your business will die.
3. Failing to perform simple due diligence
Is there a domain name available that will make it easy for potential customers to find your business online?
Is your business name available on all the popular social profiles?
4. Not going in with a long-term plan
Running a business “on the fly” without a well-thought-out plan is entrepreneurial suicide.
5. Not embracing the lifestyle 100 percent.