March 15, 2016



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The Girl With The Buddha Tattoo VIDEO: Discovery of Unconditional Love, Bliss and Internal Peace through Understanding of the Past, Detoxification, peeling of the Onion Layers Surrounding my Identity
Silicon Valley Wellness

TABLE OF CONTENT FROM THE BOOK: STEP #1 Burning Desire To Understand Why I Am Here                Mom Died So I Could Live!                 Ayahuasca – Detoxification Medicine Awakening After Catastrophe STEP #2 The Mind And How Every Thought Is Measured              ...

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Learn to say NO!!!!!
Silicon Valley Wellness

We start our day with the best of intentions to get all those important things done on our list…doing all of those things to get us closer to accomplishing our goals.  Then, before we know it the day is over and nothing on OUR list got done but we are exhausted from a...

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Universe is on your side
Silicon Valley Wellness

The moment you realize what the universe is trying to tell you..You feel so happy! Here is why I think I am on the right path: I love getting out of bed – can’t wait of the adventures ahead I am happy and at peace.  “life is good.” Good things keep happening. I...

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