Brand Storyteller- Essence Photographer – Candace Smith

I am a certified life coach and help with fear of the camera.
Providing authentic images for your branding, dating or life experiences. You are more than a headshot. I have package deals. My childhood was filled with all forms of self-expression.  I was relatively raised on the stage, either in dance or theater. I found my deepest self-expression in performance and by creating a character for the audience.  I was always the quiet, shy kid unless I had my dance costume on or in front of an audience.  My first “job” was choreographing a dance routine to Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice baby (dating myself?) and selling tickets to the neighborhood parents.  An entrepreneurial spirit from the very beginning which is why I’m so passionate about supporting those creating a new way of life.
I stumbled on to my love for photography when a good friend gave me a camera after he had seen some of my self portraits.  I never thought I would be a model when I was a kid, but I got scouted by a talent agency shortly after graduating college, and began my first career in front of the camera.  I know what it’s like first hand to be afraid of what the camera sees, I created an entire identity to hide right in front of it.  One of the greatest attributes from my career as a model is I know inherently what makes a striking image, what poses make the most flattering shapes and how to place you in the composition to create the biggest impact.  I also learned how to feel the light and a host of other fun tricks that I keep stashed in my bag of tricks.
I gained a tremendous  my meditation skills to the times spent breathing deeply and focusing on anything other than the numbness in my appendages. From posing for art classes in the early years, my skillset in front of the camera continued to grow and took me on wild adventures around the world. I had the privilege of being shown techniques, practices and a world of knowledge that formal education could never give. Learned the art of photography from some of the worlds greats and fed my passion for my favorite creative form of expression.
Things I believe as truth
we all have the inherent power to heal ourselves. savoring the preciousness in this moment is the utmost importance because all we have is right now. childhood and all that it entails is priceless and a treasure to watch. the love of a puppy can save a life. love and community is where true power grows. magic can be found in the simplest of places…
  • Who are you in your essence?   What are you passionate about?

    What is the change you are creating in the world?

    These are all the things that help you to create your powerful branding message.  People tend to buy from those they know, like and trust and statistically since we only have 4 seconds now to keep someone’s attention online, the power of the images you use is that much more important.  Together we’ll tap into your genius and create images that share your magic and represent what it is that separates you from the rest in your field.   You know that your brand is important, but there’s a disconnect between your power and authority and how the world is perceiving you.

    What do you want your image to say?

    A well-crafted photograph can create a connection between you and the viewer and can exclaim your purpose, your intent and your essence.  You are already creating tremendous impact in the world with your work.  Here is your chance to fully express yourself and finally be seen in your beauty, power and authority.

Experience: 10 years shooting, 3 years in business
COST: $575+

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