September 1, 2015

Danielle Nistor

Danielle Nistor

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Inside me I had always a deep yearning for a purpose I could call my own.

My life mission finally found me and it was transmitted sweetly and clearly in the most unexpected way.  I was at the end of my rope and went down on my knees and begged God: Please put me to good use because my life feels empty and joyless.
Fourteen years ago, I went on a spiritual pilgrimage and there I had a powerful vision of Mother Mary. I was told: “Your mission has begun. You are to be my messenger and connect people with my words of support and my divine love for humanity”. Since then I have been receiving more extraordinary gifts and abilities that have allowed me to craft my own healing method – HealingInSpirit™.
My life is a story of constant transformation that has prepared me for my work as a divine connector, soul guide and messenger of hope. I know the ups and downs, as I have been to both extremes and I have gained a huge understanding and compassion for every human experience.  I am now grounded by my purpose and my divine connection that empower me to support people to create miracles in their lives.
Through my connection with the Divine I healed my depression without medicine or therapy and I learned what are my true needs as a sensitive person in this world.  I became a mentor, authored inspirational books, taught transformational seminars, organized retreats, and led groups to sacred places all over the world.
My life is fulfilled today as I am connected to My Higher Self and my divine team for guidance and support and I live my higher purpose fully.
Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 12.42.37 PMToday I combine:
  • My innate talent for teaching that is God-given. My seminars are always fresh, experiential, engaging and transformational, making people feel energized and alive
  • My ability to explain complicated and abstract concepts such as symbols, dreams, situations in simple words and making them accessible and revealing
  • A unique talent to bring to light for healing the unknown causes of the problems finding them  in the present, past life times your bloodline and ancestors or in negative influences such as spells  and curses
  • A rare gift to connect you to the Divine Mother, your Higher Self, Masters and your divine team
  • A soothing voice that creates deep alpha brain waves that relaxes and heals when we are doing the prayer therapy
  • The capacity to see the bigger picture of a particular situation and find the deeper meaning and the life lessons behind it
  • Channeling high sources to bring messages of empowerment and guidance for people.
  • Using a wide range of spiritual practices, rituals  and tools to empower you to receive your answers and create big breakthroughs in your life
  • Never-ending empathy and the power to remain positive, find a solution and encourage people to stay on the right track.
  • A deep belief in the human capacity for achieving great things and in the divine love for humanity that creates every day miracles
All these enable me to connect your mind, body and spirit to create wholeness, understand who you are and what is your life purpose.
When I am not working, I’ve been known to walk the sacred places, to write, and delight in the art of Ikebana. I am a lifelong learner and I attend at least four new seminars and retreats every year. My father was a pastry chef, and I am a sweetoholic. 
If you are confronted with any of these life circumstances: 
  • Yearning to rekindle your true connection with the Divine
  • Life seems empty and meaningless
  • Healing love or family relationships
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Emotional traumas
  • Negative thoughts, programs and core beliefs
  • Clearing and balancing karma
I can help you achieve these tangible results:
  • Connect and deepen your relationship with the Divine
  • Find your purpose and true life path
  • Open your heart to love and build happier relationships
  • Reach self-love, fulfillment and enjoyment
  • Heal emotional wounds and traumas
  • Attain personal success and abundance
  • Find and understand life’s lessons
The solutions I provide to you are guided and sustained by divine energies. Working with me, you will reach a state of inner peace and healing very quickly, in days, not months. The effects of your healing process are extended much beyond the session.
Soul Sessions
Do you suffer from past traumas, past lifetime trauma, grief and limiting beliefs? They can steer you away from your true life path and create relationship issues, anxiety and depression. I can guide you on the journey to wholeness as I self-healed myself and supported thousands of clients on the journey to wholeness.
Each session is unique in nature. You will find that I do not predict the future. I only read your energy at the particular moment when the reading takes place and show you the possibilities of what lies ahead.
quoteI couldn’t help noticing that compared to all others I have worked with, you treated my blockages immediately. I did not have to feel in the dark trying to find solutions on my own.quote2
CM, PhD – Bucharest, Romania
Time: 50 min
The following types of sessions are available:
1. Step Into Your Greatness – Discover your true life path and live your divine soul purpose, now.
quoteThank you very much for your help and for all the paths that you have opened for me.quote2
MB, Esq. – Bucharest, Romania
2. Healing Your Heart – Elevate your self-love, raise your self-esteem, improve your relationships, and heal the traumas of your heart.
quoteAfter our last session I felt elevated, and I keep smiling. You showed me how to feel grateful for all that I am and all that I have in life: my family, my friends, my home, myself…  So, here is a huge thank you!quote2
LB – Kiev, Ukraine
3. Manifest Your Dreams – Realize your soul’s desire with channeled divine help and guidance.
quoteYou did it! We won the trial! Thank you, thank you…And last week I got a new contract, after I did everything you advised me. Thank you very much…quote2
DP – Chicago, IL
4. Holistic Healing – Bring a harmonious balance to your whole being: mind, body, and spirit, and create coherence, healing and empowerment in your life.
quoteAfter working with you I stopped having suicide thoughts and I slept well at night. Thank you.quote2
CN – Mountain View, CA
Divine Connection
Are you longing to create a deeper relationship with the Divine? As a conduit of the energy from the Realms of Light and a messenger, it is my privilege to connect you with the Divine so that you will feel the embrace of divine love and be healed to the core.

1. Divine Initiation
During a Divine Initiation you will be connected with the energies of your own angels, your spirit guides, the Ascended Masters, Jesus and the Divine Mother. They will enhance healing, expand evolution, increase love, and create joy in your life.
quoteWhile working with you I felt the energies and I believe the results are irreversible. Thank you for bringing the Divine Mother into the session; she is a very beautiful lady with a wonderful energy.quote2
Dr. RS, MA, PhD – Life Coach, Therapist and Theta Healing teacher
2. Divine Connection
During a session of Divine Connection your Higher Self and your soul are invited to descend into your life and rekindle their connection with you. Their loving embrace will bring you guidance, healing, empowerment, and joy.
quote… I do not have the words to describe what I felt… It was as if someone took hold of my very heart and very softly cleansed it all out. An overwhelming peace has engulfed me and I am so happy… Thank you, thank you.quote2
EM – Bucharest, Romania
 Time: 50 min
Soul Translation
If you are a spiritual seeker in search of a multi-dimensional understanding of your being and your life path, the Soul Translation is a must for you.
This ten-page comprehensive report reveals who you are as a multidimensional being, the lessons of your life, and your unique gifts and talents. It also offers detailed information on your thought patterns, emotions, chakras, karmic relationships and soul-related information.
In addition, the Soul Translation shows your blockages, limiting programs, and karmic patterns that affect your present life. Root causes of the problems are identified, and they are removed from your heart, mind, and body during the healing session which is included.
Lastly, this expression of your soul provides the framework for any other healing work in the future.
Benefits of working with your Soul Translation are:
  • Understand your life purpose
  • Reveal your divine gifts and your particular lessons
  • Re-affirm your true essence in the world
  • Create wholeness for your body, mind, heart, and soul
  • Initiate better strategies for your new life
The Soul Translation process includes:
  • Receiving your Soul Translation report
  • Working together to release the blockages identified in the Soul Translation
  • Working together to embody the positive aspects of your new self
Time and time again, my clients are astonished at how accurate their Soul Translation is. They are finally able to understand the hidden cause of their life entanglements, heal, reconnect with their divine nature, and step into their life purpose.
quoteI received today my Soul Translation and it is absolutely incredible…Every word describes exactly how I feel…quote2
GL – London, United Kingdom
Soul Translation Alternatives
You may long for soul insight but you may not be quite ready for the comprehensive multi-dimensional portrait of your soul. You can get started with alternative readings, such as:
  1. Personal Soul Translation – this reading decrypts and explains personal information as it relates to the physical, mental, emotional, etheric and spiritual bodies. This also includes the Karmic Image Translation.Fee:
  2. Karmic Image Translation – this is to delve into your most important other times of existence, their impact on the present, their lessons, and to explain imbalances which may have no apparent cause.Fee:
  3. Family Lineage Translation– the focus here is to discover and remove spells, curses and other karmic blockages, obligations and imbalances transmitted through the individual’s lineage. This is followed by a treatment session during which the blockages are cleared and any departed souls with connections to you and wandering between dimensions are helped into the Light.Includes a healing sessionFee:
  4. Partner Compatibility – this explores relationship ties between two individuals at the emotional, mental, spiritual and loving level. I will also identify common lessons, special relationships such as twin souls or soul mates, ties from other times of existence together, and their meaning in this life.Fee:
  5. Specific Inquiry – this is to determine causality of a specific inquiry or situation related to emotional healing, loving relationships, business issues, legal matters, other life situations, and many types of fears.Fee:
    Have you ever experienced a session of channeling with the highest sources of wisdom, ascension and love in the Universe?I was blessed by the Divine Mother to be a conduit of her loving energy and the energy of other beings from the Realms of Light and I offer to you:
    • Personal connection with the divine
    • Channeled messages from your angels and spirit guides
    • Spiritual communication with departed loved ones
    • Blessings from the divine for all that you do
    Working with me you will find that I do not use any methods of divination, cards, or supporting devices.  Furthermore, the information that I channel to you comes directly from Spirit.
    quoteWe think of you all the time and we are writing to you this Xmas to thank you again for the miracle you brought to us.  You have helped us enormously… I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who is the pride and joy of our lives.quote2
    GD and TD – Toronto, ON
    Time: 50 min
    Soul Packages
    1. Becoming Whole – A soul-healing package that typically consists of four sessions.
    This package is intended to clear your aura and chakras; heal key relationships; connect with your divine guides; and, return to you lost fragments of your mind, heart and soul in a powerful process of reintegration.
    To gain the most benefit from this extensive work, consider making a commitment of four (4) sessions supported with payment to be made in advance.
    quote… I had the palpable sensation that I was connected to beings of light who gently worked all over me. It made me explode with joy and gratitude.quote2
    IC – Bucharest, Romania
    Time: 4 X 50 min, typically
    2. Soul Coaching – A spiritual coaching package unique to your needs.
    In coaching, as in all my work with you, I concentrate on results. Depending upon your needs and the point in your life where you are now, I will tailor a personalized coaching program for you.
    I use my very own powerful blend of spiritual coaching, intuitive insight, channeled divine guidance, imagery, chakra work, manifestation tools, and more to build a personalized and solution-oriented program especially for you.
    With my coaching program you will:
    • Understand, define and connect to your true path and vision
    • Identify and eliminate blockages that keep you burdened and confused
    • Decide upon the most inspired course of action to achieve your goals
    • Build soul connections with others who can help you realize your sacred dreams
    • Harmonize every aspect of your life
    With my unique approach to coaching and spiritual counseling you can get results in a short amount of time. I offer you:
    Three-month or six-month coaching programs targeted to help you reach the desired results.  In addition, during the coaching program and for the next six months you will have access to personal online support via e-mail.
    • Three-month coaching package consisting typically of 9 sessions:
    • Six-month coaching package consisting typically of 18 sessions:

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