October 2, 2015

Debora Cohen – Energy Work, 1-1 Yoga, Meditation


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Debora Cohen- 1:1 Yoga, distance healing, body work

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Debora has a gift for understanding people with an ability to lend a caring hand in times of troubles. Her sensitive and accepting nature encourages people to express the voice of their heart during each session. Debora offers the voice of experience, which gives empathy to others difficult life situations. Seeing the beauty and love in each person enables her to help heal their psychological wounds and realize their full potential.
Spiritual Counseling Private Session By Appointment
Distance Healing with Debora
Everything we experience from the womb to the tomb is recorded and stored in our physical and spiritual identify or self. Negative experiences, whether it be a parents curse in the first nine months of existence, traumatic events or even an embarrassing moment as an adolescent can create blocks which shape and mold how we act and
interact with people and circumstances in our daily lives.
Humans posses a survival mechanism that represses these experiences in order to “carry on” but these experiences persist on a sub-conscience level and many times create problems which we are not even aware of. It is common for people to continually repeat negative and destructive behaviors due to these psychological blocks. Lack of self esteem, getting involved with abusive relationships, drug and alcohol dependency and other destructive patterns are symptoms of these deep spiritual and mental traumas which create blocked energy. These blockages can lead to reactive behavior that is not our true nature and not in our best interest.
You Can Be Successful and Happy with your Life
You can! I will help you achieve balance, harmony and empowerment in your life. It is my goal to assist you in removing the blocks that prevent you from total happiness and being a creative, loving person.
How is this Healing Work done long-distance?
Because energy is not limited by time or distance, the work is just as powerful whether I’m working with someone one on one or speaking over the telephone. When doing phone sessions, I simply make an energetic fusion with the client while I listen and guide the client through a safe, guided meditiation and relaxing process. I experience the clearing process through the energetic fusion through my body, breath and sound. This is my immidiate feedback from the client’s energy. I recommend that you relax on something comfortable, and that that you are in a safe and private environment.
Duration: 1 hour

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