March 17, 2016

Elizabeth Gonzalez – Strength, Endurance, Yoga, Weight loss, Crystal Therapy, Energy Healing

Elizabeth Gonzalez – Strength, Endurance, Yoga, Weight loss, Crystal Therapy, Energy Healing

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Liz has been passionate about guiding others to create a HEALthy and Vital life for as long as she could remember.
Always willing to help, always willing to lend a helping hand, a shoulder to lean on, or a gentle ear to listen.
Liz is a fitness and health enthusiast who enjoys motivating and inspiring others to achieve their highest potential. In 2009, Liz graduated from California State University of San Jose earning a Bachelors of Science degree in Kinesiology and has enjoyed putting her education into practice. Along with her Bachelors degree you can scroll below for her other qualifications.
Liz has been in the health industry for 10+ years from personal training, to different management roles, to group exercise, to teaching a national personal training certification ( for others who are just as passionate about changing lives. Her passion has evolved from helping others achieve optimal fitness to achieving optimal wellness through a holistic approach and guidance of how each individual can HEAL themselves.
To further her knowledge on Vitality, Liz attended The Living Foods Institute, where the founder had breast and ovarian cancer and decided to not go the traditional western medicine way of chemo and radiation;
12+ years later she is more vital and alive than ever! Liz does not just focus on the body, but the interaction and connection with the mind and spirit. Liz guides people on a one on one basis, or in groups, sharing yoga techniques of the mind, body, and spirit connection, not only when doing movement but learning to incorporate those principles into your everyday lives. Whether you are recovering from a recent surgery, (full knee or hip replacement, shoulder, etc.),
Deciding to drop some weight, train for a specific event: 5k, 1/2 marathon, events like tough mudder, or getting off of blood pressure or cholesterol medicines, dealing with cancer or diabetes and wanting to add vitality to you life with time and consistency your goal will be accomplished.
She believes in personal coaching, making your goal, her goal, but knowing she can only share with you tools and how tos, and each individual is the only one who can actually HEALthy Self. ¬After meeting with Liz, she will help guide you in co-creating a lifestyle change involving loving oneself with nutritious good food, movement, personalized affirmations, and other feel good techniques! Her purpose is to continue sharing her passion of overall wellness and vitality to as many people as possible. Feel free to send her a message to learn more about her, and the services she provides such as retreats, or detoxification programs!
Other Qualifications:
B.S. Kinesiology 2009 Presidents honor roll 3.8+ GPA
Massage Therapist 2007
NCEP- National College of Exercise Professionals
Standard, Advanced, and Nutrition 2004
NCEP- Instructor 2008
AFAA- Aerobics and Fitness Association of American 2009
NASM Certified 2005
TRX Certified 2006
Yoga Alliance 200RYT Certified 2012
Shamballa 2015
Z-Health Training R-Phase 2011, I-Phase 2013
Years of Experience: 
Weight loss
Crystal Therapy
Energy Healing
Personalized affirmations
Releasing Etheric Cords
Services At the Welness center:
Personal Training
Small Group Training
Parent and Kid Workouts
Boot Camps
Nutrition Resources
Meditation Classes
Spiritual/Energy Healing
Massage Therapy
Sound Therapy

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