August 25, 2015

Geeta Arora


Meet Geeta

Self care and know yourself Relationships understanding Prevent disease Lose weight Connect with seasons Ayurveda is a vast intuitive science and a consultation can facilitate personal transformation with a clear approach promoting physical health, mental clarity and spiritual development throughout the seasons in each year. All this may seem very simple but it has powerful connections to nature with a unique plan for each person. A consultation helps you structure a meal plan with food choices and a food guide to understand yourself in such a way that you know how to make lifestyle choices with your busy schedule. You have to eat proper foods to keep moving with energy and breath properly so you bring more prana (vital energy and oxygen) to your body. The success rate is higher if Ayurvedic therapies are done in conjunction with nutrition with the right herbs for your body. During your consultation appointment we explore your detailed health history, discuss your personal concerns and health objectives. After the tongue, pulse assessment, medical palmistry based on our unique clinical observation, we provide Ayurvedic lifestyle tips, recommended diet, herbs, treatments, yoga, breathing (pranayama), meditation, reflections and inspirational quotes starting with small steps as you feel comfortable. With awareness comes the change of habits.
Duration: 1 hour




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