Gratitude, trusting my gut, having a higher vision
Silicon Valley Wellness

Recently I was overcome by a wave of gratitude about my life. It was one of those moments where I stepped back and took inventory of how far I have come. I had managed to accumulate everything I wanted. I realized my dreams had come true. It’s still in process, but if I died tomorrow, I would leave this Earth with complete blissful happiness and zero (nada) regrets. So, I wanted to share how I got this far.
1. I settle for nothing less. I trust my gut and it never lets me down. The more we point our life in the direction of “hell yeses” the more they will come to us easier.
2. I made the decision that it will happen. It’s a moment I drew the line in the sand and said, “No more. I will not settle for a these office politics and the way I am treated – NO MORE.”
3. I truly believe I am worthy. I had settled for the life I had before (as well as the relationship) because I didn’t think I could do any better. I have made the decision that as long as I live, I am in control of my making my dreams and happiness a reality.
4. I surround myself with people who hold a higher vision for myself. Funny things happen when you and your surroundings think highly of you. The Universe bring people, events, opportunities and money into my life.
5. I’m learning to relax breath and do my best every day. This is still a work in progress, being patient and doing my best.
6. I refuse to focus or give power to things I don’t want. Obsessing for what?
7. I listen to my gut feelings.
8. I accept that my life and my dreams are not a destination. We constantly keep growing. We should never strive for bigger better dreams!

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