Hangout with your fears – face it. Laugh it off.
Silicon Valley Wellness

Someday is today. Look at your fears, they are your friends. After all .. how would you know that you overcome fear if you never feel it. 
Let’s look at how you find that motivation to understand fear.. 
All the things we have in common:
Fear of change
Fear of being uncomfortable
Fear of uncertainty
Being tired
Fear of failure
Fear of not being good enough
Not having time
Being busy
Waiting for something to happen
Perfectionism- what is that?
Being overwhelmed
Not knowing how
We all have these fears…
Fears are healthy… they are part of human existence. 
Yes, the fear of failure and change and discomfort and uncertainty are real … but they’re not good enough reasons for inaction.
Experience the fear and continue to keep moving forward.. you will laugh it off .. once it is in the past. 

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