March 17, 2016

Holly Cook – Intuitive Coaching and Healing, Massage

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Holly Cook – Intuitive Coaching and Healing, Massage

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As we travel through our personal journey we encounter many adventures..
I have been on my own journey and I have been put on this path and calling to share my experiences and what I have learned.I grew up ill and suffering from depression and physical ailments, which doctors could not help but only prescribe medication. I went through several different alternative modalities and supplements, which helped tremendously but the true healing came from expanding my own consciousness and clearing all of the negative energy I had let take over me from my childhood. As I became more empowered to my truth my body responded. I eventually healed my ailments and as I did I became in control of my life and accountable for my actions, choices and reality. Does life still throw curve balls? Absolutely. And it’s okay to have a few bad days, emotions are real.  But it’s about identifying the lesson or blessing that is taking place. It’s about seeing through the set back and being able to create something positive out of the tragedy. Also it is seeing how your own Ego can play tricks on you and hold you hostage to your fear. We are children of God/Creator and we are put on this beautiful Earth to enjoy it, learn our lessons and be fulfilled. I have studied with several Elders of the Andes Mountain range, shamanic teachers, crystal healers, Reiki Masters, Theta healers and attend on going conventions or retreats to learn as much as possible.  The path is on going and always exciting.

Through this work I have been blessed with a wonderful life partner and a beautiful son. Together we love to enjoy the outdoors, hike, garden and laugh.

Blessings of Abundance~

Holly M. Cook


Mind Mansion Book
***HOLIDAY SPECIAL. ONLY $399, YOU SAVE $100 until 12/21/15 Mind Mansion is a mind-reprogramming system designed to reset and re-position the way users think. By integrating users’ name and personal details including family members, friends, romantic relationships, past incidents and other relevant information into a customized book, Mind Mansion serves as a “fingerprint” that is completely unique to the individual. The highly customized system works off the assumption that everyone has a luxury mansion with 16 floors in their mind that contains rooms where negative things are hiding out as well as undiscovered untapped treasures.Through a process of reading one chapter of Mind Mansion mind infrastructure that optimizes thought functionality, enabling users to live life at a peak level. With the mind operating optimally, users can reach outside of themselves to benefit others.
Clear old patterns, balance chakra’s and heavy energy that is holding you back. This is a powerful healing technique that dates back thousands of years and includes anything from inner child work, past life regressions, forgiveness work, soul retrievals and removal of crystallized energy. . It will bring new light into your body, information and release karmatic cycles. This is usually a 60 -90 minute session.
Illumination Package
Every few months most of us are due for a clearing. This is the same healing/clearing as listed above but when you buy a package, you save money and it also keeps you committed. We always want to move forward so maintenance is necessary.
Quantum Change
Re-create your life through energetic sculpture and vibrational intention. This looks at every aspect of your life and allows you to turn hardships into gifts. It also brings in a new Law of Attraction and works many many principles of quantum physics. It will allow you to see what is exactly in your way and how to transform it. This session also includes the illumination process and runs about 2.5 – 3 hours.
Card Reading
Do you have a question that needs clarification? Let’s do a 3 -5 card draw and ask the pendulum for reinforcement. These tools are great for winning the battle between the heart and the head! We can do this over the phone from the comfort of your own home. The pendulum work is equally effective in person or remotely.
Bowen Therapy
This soft‏ tissue therapy is the best kept secret. Allow the nervous system to become balanced and the catalyst for your body to heal itself. This modality works on all ailments, chronic pain and emotions. Most clients need 4 – 8 sessions and in most cases do not need to return.
Massage – 60 min
Relax, rejuvenate and recharge with a professional massage. Enjoy aromatherapy and a tailored massage to fit your needs. $70 or 3 for $190
Massage – 90 min
Escape the daily stress with a full body massage tailored to your needs. Aromatherapy and pampering to deep tissue, it’s all about you! $95 or 3 for $540
Group Workshops
Guided journey’s, vision boards, chakra clearings and more. Customize a workshop in your home with your friends or come to one of mine. price varies
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