March 17, 2016

Jose Federico Manik Munoz- Mayan sacred Calendar Course, Reading and Sound Healing.

Jose Federico Manik Munoz- Mayan sacred Calendar Course, Reading and Sound Healing.

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joseJose Frederico Manik Munoz is a Mayan Calendar Day Keeper for the Maya Chorti people. Carrying the spoken work of Mayan History from 1444 to 1529 he shares his knowledge from Gautamala through North America. He has been fulfilling his purpse traveling to sacred sights holding ceremonies and spreading his message of knowledge, wisdom and peace at festivals and confrences. He is sharing his mission with us and teaching the mysteries of the sacred calendar, what it’s true message is and how to read it. Jose is also the Gaurdian Keeper of the Ancient Crystal Skull “Kame Cimi” the33rd Skull of Manifestation. He also carries Mongolian skulls, Peace, Love and Harmony.
Receive knowledge of the sacred Sixth Sun Calendar, Crystal Skulls calendar, and Mayan Calendar through Jose Munoz.
Learn and remember to: get advice from past present and future, read the sacred calendar emerald tablets, utilize the tablets to conduct personal spiritual and business matters at the absolute perfect time.
Learn and remember how to This class group will forever be known as “The 10 Night Wisdoms Day Keepers”
Learn about the mathematical and astronomical cyclical calendars with Jose Federico Manik Munoz. Jose is a Day keeper of the Maya Calendar for the Maya Chorti people from Guatemala.  He is the carrier of the spoken word history of the world from 1444 to 1529 and works in the Northern Territories – ranging from Guatemala to Alaska (to the West) and Montreal (to the East).
I do astrology readings with the sacred calendars for others.

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