Limiting beliefs & changing the way you look at things
Silicon Valley Wellness

If You change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.
There are three types of limiting beliefs:
Beliefs about cause
Beliefs about meaning
Beliefs about identity
Beliefs form because of the facts that you encounter relating to some experience. If you’ve had some negative experience and you dwelled on it, you would then start attracting more similar experiences that would reaffirm your rightness about the situation.
Any situation is neither good nor bad, only our thinking makes it so. So when you focus on the negative aspects of what has happened to you, you start forming a negative (which is always limiting) belief which will cause you to attract the experiences that would only affirm your limiting beliefs. So you are as though attracting facts that further deepen negative beliefs.
If the experience was negative and you focused on it, you’ve set a filter for further similar facts to reach you. For example, if you’ve been in a bad relationship you may start thinking that all men/women are the same.
To change limiting beliefs it’s necessary to gather more positive facts about the situation than negative ones. Then you will need to deal with negative facts and question if they really are facts.

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