January 20, 2016

Linda Benn

Linda Benn -Vitality & stress reduction expert + Jet Lag Recovery

5 stars 

Linda Joy Benn is an Industry Expert and leader in consciousness revolution. Her mission is to help people thrive by helping them lead a healthier, happier and more productive life.Linda specializes in Holistic health to transform people’s minds and body. Her gift of Medical Intuitive helps to shift energy blocks in the body & mind and quickly identifies the root cause to transform miracles. She has the ability to know exactly what the body wants and incorporates all her tools to achieve the best possible results. Linda empowers her clients to create & achieve their desired outcome easily. She created a 5 step process which incorporates the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. – Linda’s 5 R programRelease – physical pain, negative emotions, limiting beliefs for improved clarity, focus & happiness
Realign – Energy into the body, thoughts and spirit to stay in alignment with source to create & feel energized
Restore – Your body with nutrition, your spirit with meditation for overall health & vitality
Rebalance – chakras, work/life, self care, self love, time management and nutrition
Re-energize – Your life with super energizing tips that keep you in high vibrationWe are so much more than a physical body and our mind and consciousness is how we make choices and decisions every day.
Blockages in your life – is simply an energy block held in your mind as well as body as everything is energy. If you are struggling with stress and overwhelm, I help to bring you back into alignment so things start flowing in your life.In addition to my coaching and corporate training programs, I would like to introduce you to the other services that I offer for individuals.My intuitive bodywork is an energy gift that releases blocked energy in the body as well as the mindset. When people experience pain in their physical body it is a warning from the body/mind that something is out of balance.People ask me about my bodywork and how am I different to many other therapists. I tune into the client’s body and listen to what the body is telling me. I work on many levels not just the physical, energetically deep within the connective tissue, structurally and then the energy field of the person which is also their connection with source or their higher self.
I tune into body and work with the body/mind connection. I feel and can see where the holding patterns are in the body and feel where the energy is blocked. I shift/drain energy.
When working on the body, healing automatically comes through as I do my energy work. I work on many levels.
Re-educating the body giving the Central Nervous System  information to relax the muscles, this continues to release over time. All the releases continue to integrate.
Help people to come back into their body and feel where are they going and finding their purpose
Balance spiritual and physical
Everything we think has an effect on our bodies. Changing our thoughts and your body responds. Deepak Chopra says we change 98% of our cells in our body every year so we have the power to heal our own bodies.
I empower people to take responsibility and give them self-care to self-heal, change focus rebalance.
Your body is the barometer that tells you when there is an imbalance and time to change your choice.Review: I couldn’t believe what was happening in my body and how I was sore before I saw her. It’s like I was feeling something inside my body moving. She told me that I would feel it for the next couple of days & I was feeling it. I don’t exactly know how to describe it, but she truly has a gift for this and I cannot put it in words. You have to experience it for yourself! My lower back had felt tight, but what’s amazing is that my back felt even better 2 days AFTER I saw her. I feel like healing truly did take place. Anthony C. SERVICES BENN Technique combining the Mind/Body. Specializing in Orthopedic bodywork, Energy Alignment, Healing – Reiki, Pellowah & work directly with Supreme beings
Coaching skills working on a higher energy level to help shift the energy held in the physical body and the mind.
Specializes in illness, diseases and trauma held in the body either emotional or chronic physical pain from an injury or accident.Linda2
Empowerment coaching to make higher choices for their journey and destiny. Workshop facilitation to help shift old paradigm thinking, old belief patterns that are not working in life to create the results they choose.
Session:  In person, virtual- skype & teleclasses
Describe session:  Packages include either face to face bodywork/healing session or virtual energy clearing over skype. Plus phone coaching, follow up by phone & email,  teleclass & goal manifestation intensive every month. Linda’s energy work is holistic incorporating the mind/body connection, looking at all aspects of what is behind the physical pain to get to the root cause. This approach has helped numerous people to shift the emotional blocks/trauma held in their body. Then coach them by asking the appropriate questions to help shift the old beliefs, patterns, programs that is causing the pain/discomfort. Linda empowers her clients to make positive changes which automatically shifts the illness, pain or resistance held in the physical body. The energy right now is bringing up so much for everyone on the planet as it is time to deal with our stuff. We can no longer push it down anymore. Linda’s purpose and mission has always been to help shift consciousness and expand awareness on the planet.

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