May 23, 2018


Lindsay Murdock- MassageTherapist

5 stars 

BE STILL. Taking time to be still is the first step to remembering one’s true nature.

Your mind body and soul are interconnected. They form an intricate web of vibrations that are creating the physical form that is you.  Disease illness and pain can be traced back to being out of alignment physically, emotionally, energetically or spiritually. Massage aids in healing both the physical and energetic body.

  • The physical body requires the practitioner to have knowledge of the body and its parts, how to manipulate tissue and the body in order to bring physical relief.

  • The energetic body requires a willing participant and practitioner working together with intention to infuse the energetic body with high vibrations and healing frequencies, to bring healing to the parts of us that have been fractured from our past or current situations, to bring harmony in the unseen.

As you make the choice to allow massage to assist you in going within, it is my honor and gift to hold a loving space for those wanting healing and alignment.

Many blessing, love and light

Restore Balance

–> 30 minutes/$70

Long hours at work, sitting in traffic, managing a family or a thriving demanding business; the stress on the mind and body is part of our daily lives. This massage offers you the relief needed to keep on thriving. Tell me where the pain/discomfort is.This thirty minutes will be focused on a specific area or I will perform a reset and balance, massaging the head, neck, back and shoulders

–> 90 minutes/$160​

 The days and nights you’ve waited to lay your body down and be cared for. Our bodies deserve our attention and this time will allow you to feel deeply into the gratitude that is you. Firm and rhythmic techniques, breathing and gentle stretches to relieve tension, focused on releasing blockages and get you back in the flow.

–> 60 minutes/$110 90 minutes/$155

Yes expecting mothers receive a discount! The journey for a healthy pregnancy begins with a mothers all encompassing well being. This massage will involve techniques focusing on encouraging healthy circulation and balancing hormones as well as relieve pressure and aching muscles.

 A Call Higher 

60 minutes/$265

Imagine being enveloped in an oasis of healing frequencies and rhythmic flowing touch. Penetrating harmonic tones from indigenous acoustic instruments  being played just for you; while nurturing hands move the energy that is being restored within you and all around you. This is a unique experience that I encourage you book today!

The Calling

Cupping / $30

Cupping will encourage blood flow and optimal circulation into the muscles while moving blocked energy.  

Aromatherapy / $15

Essential oils stimulate the senses and bringing an array of beneficial components to your massage experience. 

Massage Packages/ 60 Minutes

When you purchase multiple massages in advance you make an agreement with yourself that you will make time to care for yourself by coming in for massage regularly and you’ll save.

Package of 3/ $335

Package of 5/ $550

Package of 10/ $1050

Massage Packages.

Package of 3/ $470

Package of 5/ $775

Package of 10/ $1500


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