Love is the Absence of Judgement – Teal Swan
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How to Receive Love: “Help, Gifts, Cooking and many more are a form of love. If we have an issue with receiving..our past Love was not unconditional.
1st ingredient to receiving love is to recognize the barriers.. For some.. the people in our early lives did not give love freely & in pure ways. This makes it so we either do not see or feel love..
To let ourselves be loved and valued for who we really are arouses the fear that if we do feel..we will eventually be neglected, abandoned and, in the most primal sense – ‘left to die’.
People who can’t receive have an especially hard time with help. They don’t ask for help and they don’t get much help not because help doesn’t actually exist for them, but instead because they feel as if the world is completely against them.
Some people associate help with ulterior motives, Often our motive for love is Selfishness. We give because we want to get. In other words love is our way of taking from other.
“Selfishness” – Concern only for once own welfare, benefit and interest regardless on impact on others.
It only occurs when a person is focused & convinced of, the lack in their life. There is a big difference between self-love and selfishness. Selfishness is created when a person who does not know how to love themselves and meet their needs, feels that internal deprivation and then spends their lives trying to fill that hole, externally.
It’s very uncomfortable to spend time around a selfish individual because it will constantly feel as if that person is taking from you. They don’t know how to love themselves so their life depends on getting you to give them those things.
If you don’t give them what they want, they’re at a loss of what to do. They feel powerless and get angry because they’re scared. But when we take a step back, compassion will show us that they come from a space of internal starvation.
Expecting them to not jump at the opportunity to take what they are starving for is like expecting a starving child to not steal food.”
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