Marissa Gozalez 

Crystal Therapy, Energy Alignments, Reiki- Energy, Healing Releasing Etheric Cords, Sound Therapy,  Spiritual Healing

5 stars 

Daughter of Father Sun! On your journey I can assist you in calming or focusing the thoughts of the mind, through guided meditations, reiki work, chakra understanding, personalized mantra’s (which allow them to resonate with your soul), and offer you a wide range of audio or literature to take deeper understanding to different information.

Modalities Include:
Spiritual Healing, Energy Alignments, Reiki- Energy Healing, Personalized affirmations, Crystal Therapy, Sound Therapy, and Releasing Etheric Cords

Crystal Therapy
Energy Alignments
Personalized affirmations
Reiki- Energy Healing
Releasing Etheric Cords
Sound Therapy
Spiritual Healing

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