November 6, 2015

Nancy Karas

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Why settle when you can seek out what you truly want?Career Coaching provides you with expert guidance to carve out your ideal career path.
We are so beaten down at work, our lives are so busy and we are inundated with data. We never stop to focus on ourselves, to ask ourselves who we really are. We don’t give ourselves permission to get what we really want out of work and life.
When was the last time that you asked yourself if you were truly happy? What would happen if you dared to dream of a job that offers you true work/life balance? What if you took that chance finally and started your own business or consultancy? Explore your career and future with Nancy’s expert guidance. The results are astounding!
Gain The Tools You Need To Succeed:
“Best Practices” for Career Success
Self-Mastery Principles That You Can Count On to Gain New Perspective, Momentum and Success
Confidence and the Knowledge that you are the CEO of your Own Career
The Power to Succeed
Strategic Insight Development Tool
Create a Foundation for Fulfillment and Success No Matter what Challenges You Face on the Road Ahead.
Discover Great Clarity, Momentum and Success!

Nancy Karas

Get your Sh*T together (dream job coach)

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AREAS OF SPECIALTY: Change Management, Leadership Development, Mindfulness, Millennials, Executive Coaching, Career Development, Organizational Development, Finding Your Purpose, Embracing your Worth, Training The Future Coaches of the World
“I wake up every morning happy! I love what I do for a living and I love my life.”
A successful Senior Human Resources Leader and Counselor to start-ups, F500 corporations and countless entrepreneurs and professionals, I continuously ensure that others find their happiness and success.
After many years, I realized that I too, was not always happy in my career. I fought with management to help people to succeed. I urged and insisted that individuals be given the compensation, respect and acknowledgement that they deserved. But I was tiring of the constant fight.Though I was extremely successful, I felt that I could best serve others by stepping out of the corporate setting.
In 1994, I started my own coaching practice, Habitat for HR. I have been successfully coaching individuals and organizations to achieve their important goals ever since. It is alarming to me, as I sit in countless meetings and negotiations, how often people gave away their power, allowing others to determine their worth and the direction of their future. My goal is to free people from those self-limiting beliefs to remind them that they are full of potential and promise.
Determine the right path for you and let me guide you forward
Align your personal goals with your career goals –>Choose work opportunities that will satisfy your intrinsic motivators –> Find opportunities to live your authentic life –> Find happiness and success in the same place!
I attribute my success to the fact that I have always been the CEO of my own Career. I have always determined the next best steps for me and have worked hard to live my authentic life and be true to myself. I provide my clients with the tools and the confidence they need to achieve their goals and land their dream jobs. My clients find fulfillment, peace-of-mind and success. They learn to BE the DRIVER on their own path rather than just someone who is along for the ride. I created 7 STEPS TO LAND YOUR DREAM JOB to empower others to take the DRIVER’s seat in the new Age of Entrepreneurship.
Take the drivers seat, manage your own career and live a deeply fulfilling life.
 Services: :
1) 7 Steps to Landing Your Dream Job Workshop (Two Hours): Your Dream Job Workshop is an engaging and interactive Intensive session for all levels of Professionals and Entrepreneurs. You will leave with a whole new perspective on your career.
2) Career Empowerment Seminar (full day): This is a full day session where participants will learn the Secrets to Success as Nancy shares her very own Secrets from the Board Room. The full day session will include a formal Assessment, a series of interactive sessions and a goal setting session to propel you forward through the 7 Steps to Landing Your Dream Job.
3) Virtual Career Empowerment group: The Tele-class meets once a week for 8 weeks and the classes are limited to 6 people per class. This is a great way to have personalized expertise and guidance from one of the nation’s leading Career Coaches without the cost of private coaching sessions. Join like-minded professionals and entrepreneurs.
4) PRIVATE VIP COACHING: Individual one-on-one coaching if you are ready to make that change now and you need the best possibly guidance. Coaching include specials with 3-month, 6-month and 12-month Elite individuals Coaching packages.

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