NLP technique to help neutralize negative emotions.
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If you can Dissociate yourself from the situation you can have a positive outcome.
It’s easy to react to something negatively and then become stressed or upset about it. For example, if your partner drives you crazy and you get angry in response.
The following NLP technique can help neutralize negative emotions in such situations.
Here are the steps:
1. Identify what emotion you want to get rid of, be it fear of spiders, uneasiness about some person or dislike of some place.
2. See yourself encountering the situation from start to finish, as an observer.
3. Play the same mental movie backwards, then fast-forward it and then play it backwards again.
4. Play it backwards and then add a funny music to the mental movie. Do this 3-4 times.
5. Now try to see in your mind the same event like it was happening to you now. The emotions towards the stimulus should have disappeared or changed. If you still feel some kind of negative emotion, keep repeating this exercise until the negative emotion has completely disappeared.

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