May 23, 2018


CHERISH DRIVAS – Yoni healing, Fertility, Birth, Postpartum womb healer 

5 stars 

Postnatal Healing is a 4-6 week customized plan that allows you (the mother) to be nourished back to your radiant self.  As we all know giving birth is THE MOST wondrous gift a woman can experience but what happens next? 
Did you know that postpartum depression “baby blues” may affect as many as 80% of women after they deliver? And if you go to a doctor they will most likely suggest medicatPictureions or counseling. Most mothers begin to feel the symptoms due to the “emptiness in their womb”, lack of sleep, the pressure of caring for such a delicate being or because they just aren’t being nurtured as much as they are giving. 
As your postpartum doula, I will provide transitional assistance after your baby’s arrival with emotional, spiritual & practical support that is customized to your family’s unique needs.

If you’ve received a massage from Cherish then you’ve already felt the difference in her powerful yet gentle touch. Using the guidance from angels, guides and ancestors she flows with the healing spirit.
She is open to all walks of life (same sex couples, single parents, religions, etc.) and does not impose her beliefs on anyone; she is very open hearted. 

She only uses organic coconut or unscented, paragon free oils, certified organic herbs and 100% therapeutic grade essential oils, because we are what we put in and on our bodies.
A session with this Womb Shamans (native healer) won’t be your typical drive-by massage as she allows time for rest and integration before and after each customized