April 9, 2015



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Home is not a place, but a feeling. Silicon Valley Wellness feels like home. Silicon Valley Wellness provides an authentic feeling of community, human connection, and guidance for self-reflection. One can freely be who they are, without an eye of judgement. Every time I leave an event, I leave feeling I’ve grown as a person. 

I recently brought a friend, who was deeply moved by her experience and since has made positive changes to her own life. After the event she shared, “I didn’t know things like this even existed!” Well, it does, and I will forever be returning. 

A HUGE Thank You to Dasha & Masha (the organizers) for creating such a beautiful space and spreading their love and knowledge. I have been deeply inspired to spread those same vibes to the rest of the world.


Flight Attendent

Silicon Valley Wellness leads the way for everyone who seeks to embrace & explore one’s own ability of self-empowerment, improvement, healing, personal growth and leading a happier & healthier life. Each meeting provides a wonderful journey exploring these elements and so much more. No matter what the topic is for the evening/event, one leaves feeling more enlightened. The amazing founders, Daria/Dasha & sister, Maria/Masha, created a safe haven filled with love and encouragement for all to connect & share in a unique platform we may not otherwise have a chance to experience. The guest speakers provide a wealth of knowledge from Ayurveda medicine/philosophy, Rieki as well as many other modalities & interests covered. There’s a healing, beautiful energy felt here & feel blessed to witness this wonderful process created by two amazing and inspiring women who freely share their hearts & home to all who attend.

I encourage you to go to their website listed above and learn more about these inspiring women and the beautiful mission they’re on. You can sign up for events through here or directly on their Meet Up site (link provided below).




“I only recently had the pleasure of meeting Daria during one of the weekly events she organizes for Silicon Valley Wellness group. This group is her baby and it definitely shows: she pours her heart and soul into this project. Even though I did not know anybody during the first event, Daria and her sister made sure that everyone present felt very welcomed, comfortable and heard. I walked out of the event feeling very positive and peaceful. It is great to see how passionate Daria is about what she does! She is thoroughly knowledgeable about the subject, has lots of great tips and suggestions for anyone who is interested in hearing what she has to offer! I am glad to be part of such positive community! Feeling sad or lonely? – Come on over and let these girls give you the encouragement and support you need.”

Yekaterina Deck

License Management Services , Oracle

I’ve attended one of Daria’s amazing seminars a few weeks ago and I am absolutely thankful for such great experience! I enjoyed the company of all female attendees and was impressed how these beautiful women of different ages and backgrounds came together and created a comfortable and loving environment for the seminar. I felt jolly and relaxed after our 15 minutes of meditation and learned a few great yoga positions that can be performed anywhere and at anytime during the day. I totally loved a small presentation on essential oils! Also, Daria showed us a few quick healthy recipes and proved that healthy meals are quick in preparation and very affordable.
I admire Daria’s efforts to create a community of like minded women and learn together how to be mindful, active and healthy people

Ksenia Saitova

Content Analyst, Apple Inc.

I knew something magical had happened the day I met Daria and attended the first Silicon Valley Wellness Meeting. Daria and Maria opened their home and hearts to me and so many others in the health and wellness community. Silicon Valley Wellness has truly enriched my life and the lives on many others who attend regularly. With every session I learn how to further enrich my life. Just in a few months time I learned about meditation, nutrition, energy healing, alternative medicine and even how to make my own beauty products and healthy treats. The community is limitless and will change the world one soul at a time.



If you haven’t been to one of the events you are missing out. What a great way to bring women from all different backgrounds together to change from the inside out. This group will empower you, motivate you and equip you with tools to help you be a better version of yourself. Dasha and Masha are so nice and welcoming. Their beautiful home where the meetups take place is peaceful and the energy is great! 


Stanford Medical Facility

Since my first time attending an evening with the Silicon Valley Wellness team I felt their love, sincerity and vision to share with the community healing knowledge from all avenues. Masha and Dasha are filled with energy and a happiness thats contagious and refreshing. I look forward to attending more events filled with learning and sharing !

Rochelle Sigler

Business Development

Masha’s guided meditations are really special, after them I feel passive happy and connected to my true self.



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