1 Green Superfood Smoothie a day
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1 Green Superfood Smoothie a day keeps my doctor away & with the right superfoods keeps me full.

Superfoods are a quick and easy way to get some serious nutrients into my body. Put some or all the below and Bamm!

Chia Seeds – omega fatty acids, increases healthy brain function, fights high cholesterol and heart disease. Add up to 3 tbs.

Coconut Oil – If you are exercising for weight loss then coconut oil will be an important ingredient for you. The fatty acids in this superfood fight body fat by converting into energy that boosts metabolism. Add 1 tbs.

Flax Seeds- fatty acids and fiber. Cardiovascular and immune system health, brain function, joint function, soft skin, and more. The fiber in flax is also good for many things, but especially effective with eliminating toxins from your body. Add 1tbs .

Goji Berries- Perhaps one of the tastiest, has more than 20 vitamins and minerals. Help strengthen eyesight, fight against viruses, balance hormones, and even to assist with the longevity of life. Add 1/2 cup.

Spirulina- pond algae, protein + omega fatty acids. Highly recommended for new vegetarians. Use 1-2 tbs.

Cacao Powder and Nibs- antioxidants and chocolatey flavor! The antioxidants boost your immune system which helps resist those nasty colds and sickness. Chocolatey- helps resist sugar cravings & satisy sweet tooth. Add 2-4 Tbs.

Avocado- These green gems contain 20+ vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds. Loaded with heart-healthy fats that will keep your skin glowing and your tummy full longer.

Hemp Protein – boasts a whopping 50% protein content and much higher levels of fiber than soy-based protein powder. Helps Athletes repair muscles. Add 1-4 tbs.

Camu Powder- Vitamin C. Stronger immune systems and protection against viruses, fight colds, keeps skin healthy and vibrant. Add 1 tbs.

Acai- Brazilian berries loaded with antioxidants that boost your body’s energy and ability to focus. Helps keep you feeling full – a weight fighting superhero. Add 1 tbs.

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