December 10, 2015

Suzie Gruber

Suzie Graber

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SGruber SVW Main Page #1Suzie Gruber ~ Your Opportunity To Change Every Moment; Personal Development Coach ~ Workshop Leader
Areas of Specialty – Transform limiting beliefs & patterns, improve professional & personal relationships, understand & overcome money issues
Quotation – “My deepest passion lies in helping you improve your life.”
I came to this place in a kind of circuitous way. After obtaining a graduate degree in Chemistry, I spent 15 years in the biotechnology industry In Silicon Valley working for start-up companies. Although I was quite successful in my career and I enjoyed the constant, high energy challenges of start-ups, my first career never quite fit the deeper me. I had to honor my own primal urge to do what I love: help you come alive.
You have an innate drive towards aliveness, wellness and success, a primal urge that gives you the strength and courage to change, regardless of what you face along the way. I’m here to help you do that.A Woman walking along the beach
The first question I ask in every session is “What do you want most for yourself today?”  We call this process at the beginning of a session contracting. In sessions with me you choose the specific territory.  By establishing a clear contract with me in each session, you feel a sense of ownership and agency, and experience the feeling and satisfaction of taking action towards something you want in your life.  This step creates a different structure inside the client/coach relationship, erasing the notion that I know in any way what’s best for you or where to start.  I don’t .  You’re the expert on you.  As a facilitator, I provide the space for you to learn deeply about yourself and create the shifts you want.  Are you ready?

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