The Girl With The Buddha Tattoo VIDEO: Discovery of Unconditional Love, Bliss and Internal Peace through Understanding of the Past, Detoxification, peeling of the Onion Layers Surrounding my Identity
Silicon Valley Wellness


STEP #1 Burning Desire To Understand Why I Am Here

               Mom Died So I Could Live!

                Ayahuasca – Detoxification Medicine Awakening After Catastrophe

STEP #2 The Mind And How Every Thought Is Measured

                Vibes Translate To Sound That Convert To Geometric Patterns

STEP #3 Discoverting What I Desire

                Meditation Brings Back Personal Power & Helps Understand Heart Desire

                Deliberate Intentions And Actions

                Signs Are Everywhere

               Detach From The Outcome

                “I Am” – Being – Affirmations

                Going With The Flow

STEP #4 Discovering What’s Holding Me Back From Living The Kind Of Life I Want

                 Three Parts Of The Mind

                  Access The Subconscious Mind With The Sway Test

                 Childhood Wounds

                “I Am Not Good Enough” Syndrome

                Judgments Block Me From Reaching Goals

                Pulling Judgements Out Of The Body

                Guilt Drains Energy

                 The Ego Blocks Us From Thinking Rationally

                   Cancer Is Unresolved Issues On Cellular Level

                   Fear Is An Attempt To Find Pre-Existing Patterns That Don’t Exist

                   Partying And Drinking Alcohol As A Reward/ Escape From Reality

STEP #5 Releasing Negative Energy And Falling In Love With Self

                   The More I Laugh At Life The Happier I Am

                    I Am A Good Feelings Magnet

                    In A State Of Acceptance My Heart Remains Calm

                    Steps To Believing And Loving Others

                   Walking The Spiritual Path At Work

STEP #6 Understanding Relationships

                   What Is Love?

                   Self Love Is To Forgive Myself

                  Relationships Are Mirrors

STEP #7 Changing Every Aspect Of Life Deliberately

                  Healthy Food Leads To A Healthy Mind

                  Proper Hydration Leads To Healthy Body And Mind

                  The Secret Lies In Deep Breathing


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