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Mindful Traveler

My name is Maria Kouzmenko, some people call me Masha. You actually have two names when you are born in former USSR, one official and one nickname everyone calls you.  I found this out in my 20s!  I was born in Kazakhstan and then I moved to Israel at the age of 5.  Most of my family remained in Israel but my father along with his brother decided to move to the great land  of opportunities – the United States of America. Not just anywhere in the USA, we moved to the beautiful sunshiny state of California.  In particular – Silicon Valley – where really anyone can achieve their dreams (& make $$)  if they create the right app/ website.  So here is my attempt to spread my message to this world through my website. BAM.

I am very happy that I am who I am and where I am.  But now I seek for more.  I want more love, more peace, more oneness among us humans. Why?  Well, it all started with my mom’s passing in November of 2014.  My wonderful immigrant parents raised me well, I went to a good college – Berkeley – Go Bears! got a good job (sales/ marketing in an investment firm – Scharf Investments), and everything seemed to be perfect.   But then my mom died.  As she lay there for 3 days dying, I laid by her side.. I could see the light.  You know the light everyone says you see before you die. Yes, it is true I saw it.  This led me to begin exploring meditation, energy flows and the world that is beyond us but among us.  

And now I am on a mission to reach a higher state of consciousness, to see the world, and hopefully somehow impact it positively.  Impact and help humanity, nature, and my soul.