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It was rough,  there were 5 tea shop on the way and oh so many waterfalls!! I love waterfalls! It rained a little, the steep mountain was slippery.  My sister isn’t used to these types of hikes so we stopped a few times but I urger her to move on before sunset.  We left around 3 PM which only gave us 4 hours before sunset and that’s how long it takes to climb without breaks.  Well we made it in time and reached the top as the sun was dipping.  It felt great to reach the top!  The first thing we wanted to do was swim in the hot springs but unfortunately the women side was close.  Yes! they had a separate tub for the women covered by a fence! What?!!! This is not like america where hot springs = nudists!  It was the opposite.. We tried to go swim in the men’s side but we were almost yelled at by one of the workers that informed us that we can go in the women’’s tub tomorrow when it was filled up.  Our friend Shanti who we picked up on the way went in under the springs in her clothes anyways.

We found a little hut for rent for about $5.  The food they served was delicious!  We had Israeli salad, grilled veggies, and vegetarian lasagna.  Backpacking up this mountain is easier without having to carry your tent and food.  We did hear that the government wants to get rid of these restaurants and huts and make it a reserve.  I think I would prefer this since there was way too much garbage on the way up.  A lot of plastic wrappers and bottles from the shops.

The next day we woke up and went to the clean hot springs.  The hot water felt amazing on the skin!  Hot water isn’t frequent in India thus far and always ran out between my sis and I.  We read and relaxed and ate breakfast for a couple of hours overlooking the beautiful snow capped mountains.  Then our friend had some Rosewood seeds and we decided to eat them.  For the rest of the day, we were fully present with nature and the clouds.  As I starred at the clouds for hours, I wondered why don’t we do this in our daily life… just stare at the clouds all day.  Another hot bath in the springs followed.

Woke up after a sleepless night- we had so many thoughts I couldn’t fall asleep till midnight and we went to bed around 8 PM.  Gosh our brain thinks of the same things 90% of the time!
We decided to walk down right after breakfast, I took a big garbage bag with me and collected trash along the way as I sent love to mother earth through my feet.
We arrived back at the village we saw on the way and it started pouring.  It was freezing!! We had a delicious soup and more grilled veggies.  The eggplant and beans were phenomenal!  There were no rooms available because we later found at it was the festival of Gods and hundreds of people started to pass through the town.  It was a parade of 4 different groups with their Gods (who are the leaders of the tribe) they played instruments and carried offerings.  Our roommate was generous and shared his charras and I had a chance to celebrate 420 🙂