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The route on the local bus to Dharamsala was an adventure.  The adventure continued when we took a taxi from McLeod Ganj.  There were many Tibetants on the streets.  We later learned that they escaped Chines prosecution and some escaped to India.  The Dali Lama resides in McLeod but he wasn’t here when we arrived unfortunately.

When the taxi dropped us off at Dharamkot, it was raining.  It was a relatively small little town with lots of guesthouses.  I urged my sister to get to the top of the little hill before we settled.  The price per night was 500 rupees (~$7.50).  We slept for a few hours before adventuring and eating delicious food.  Met a guy named Nikoli from Switcherland I think.  At one point of his life he went to a mental hospital because he was seeing good and evil.  He said something to us that I have to tell you.. Enlightenment – everyone has their own  journey.  There is no right way or how many times & for how long one has to meditate or not eat meat et.  Enlightenment is simply what makes you happy!  I like it  ?

There were so many Israelis everywhere.  My Hebrew went from zero to now I can hold a slow paced conversation.  The food in every little restaurants is sooo good!  We couldn’t stop eating ?  We did Kundalini yoga our first day and at the Osho home in Baghsu and relaxed.

The next day we woke up to go to a meditation at Tushita Buddhist monastery (if you have time for a 10 day Vipassana here I highly recommend).  It was a guided meditation and I felt a little too advanced for it but I stayed present. We then decided to climb to the top of Triund (14 km total).  We reached the top and saw the beautiful snow capped Himalayas.  I was so exhausted I took a cat nap. meow .. As we were walking down the sun was setting, my ankle was weak and gave in ? We watched the sunset as we climbed down the mountain and the sun was a gorgeous orange.  Took us awhile to get all the way down the mountain and we didn’t get home til 10PM.  There was a waterfall on the way to Triund and it was highly recommended versus the Baghsu waterfalls.

The next day we spent a full day at the restaurant it was amazing! The Dine & Trek, everything on the menu was amazing.  Also, the Israelis shared some charras with us and that gave me the munchies lol.
On the forth day, we decided to move to Baghsu, the town next door.  It was a track to get there with our huge 50 lbs backpacks.  We decided to hike all the way to the top of the mountain and we found a charming guest house – Oasis Guest house.  It was so clean and the view of the mountains was incredible!  We highly recommend!  I put up the hammack Julia let me borrow and it finally came to good use. ?

Baghsu has wonderful restaurants and lounges.  We decided to check out the Baghsu waterfalls but it was only a trickle.  Still there were peace flags hanging everywhere and mountain goats hoping around from one rock to the next.   We were deeply fascinated by them.. I pretended to be a mountain goat too and set off on an adventure to climb the rocks that formed the waterfall.  As I climbed I noticed all the garbage and it made me uneasy, and I knew I couldn’t clean it all.  This made me think of the world and how in my mind I think I can save the world.  Well this garbage made me think if I start picking up now I will never be done, I wouldn’t even make a dent.. how can I make an impact and not be disappointed if I wouldn’t even make a dent. …

My sister and I decided to venture to the bigger town below the mountain – McLeod Ganj and see the Dali Lama Ashram.  There were a lot of shops, everyone and anyone owns a little shop selling crap.  Everyone is a striving entrepreneur here! Their hustle made me quench..  When we got to the Ashram, it was a lot more simple and smaller than I expected.  We learned about the history of Tibet.  Almost a million killed by the Chinese when they entered Tibet.  Interesting how so many religious groups suffer in the world and are killed in mass numbers. RIP souls…