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Hello friends!

My sister and I met this amazing soul in Colombo, Sri Lanka when we had a layover there.  Jagurazack Razack is a very genuine and sweet man.  He is a took took driver and a gem stone trader, about 26 and has the heart of gold.  He picked up a sweet old lady, bought us juices (as you can see from the pictures above), and walked us all the way to the airport.  Last week we learned that Colombo (the capital) flooded.  You can read more here:

His house was flooded and his took took went under water.  He wrote to me really embarrassed to ask for help.  He said his wife has no clothes to wear and even $1 will help. Please help with what you can. If we can raise more money than he needs, he will help his neighbors with the rest.  I know he has the heart of gold and will do that, i trust him.

He will keep us posted on his progress and will let us know how every dollar is helping him.

You can send the money directly to him through Western Union:

Mohomed rasak Hussain. NIC no910901990v . 5/8j samad lane massala Beruwala Sri Lanka

or donate here