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This was an emotional but wonderful experience.  I began to volunteer at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Gatos as a spiritual care volunteer.  The Chaplain informed me that they will be traveling to India to volunteer and I should join.  My sister and I were in the north and it was a difficult and expensive journey to get to the south where the hospital was but something inside me was telling me to go.  The journey was worth it, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the homeless shelter in Bangalore, India.  It was an emotional but incredible experience for me.  As soon as we arrived, all the shaved headed, almost out of their mind women reminded me of my dying mother.  I immediately began to cry but I was wearing my sunglasses so no one could see.  The Chaplain Robert Mackay said a prayer and they sang for us.. again tears… We arrived with the optometrist, Dr. Alice Joseph, who volunteers her time and we helped her by organizing the glasses.

I followed Robert as he began to introduce himself around.  It was hard at first but the smiles I received back were incredibly genuine.  Some women attempted to talk to me in Hindi and explain to me their health issues and I wish I could have done something.  All I could do was send them love through my heart.

We received a tour of the facility and learned more about the founder.  What was most interesting about him was that he once went to jail and asked God to help him and promised to serve when he was out.  He forgot his promise of course, when he was out, he became a took took driver.  One day he was driving and saw a helpless homeless man and remembered his promise.  He took the homeless man to his home and bathed and fed him.  He then continued to help the needy from his home and eventually was given a place which he called Home of Hope.

At the current location there is a woman’s facility which houses about 200 women, a man’s facility is also around 200, and there is a children’s facility with about 60 children.  The men when they are well can do some jobs and fix things around the campus.  The children have a playground to play on.  The women however do not have much to do.. so what is the current need according to Dr. Joseph:

what safe activities can the women do to keep them occupied?  Please leave suggestions below.

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