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No explanation needed…

Well a few fun facts:

Went there without tickets since they were impossible to find online, but I figured if that’s what I’ve done twice for burning man why wouldn’t it work here.  No one recommended to do this but one should always follow their gut! Which I did.  Luck was on our side and after a few hours of waiting around the gate, we were able to buy some tickets!

Hitched a ride with a two awesome Israeli girls and they took us in like stray little puppies. wined & dined us <3

Made a tent out of some fabric I found by Rabbit in the Sand.. thanks 😉  the only real sleep I got since we did not bring sleeping bags was at Shoobi doo camp where they filled up a tent with life size teddy bears!! Oh and on the hammocks 🙂

One day when we decided to expand our minds with a magic potion.. people really turned into animals, it was fascinating to see how we all just want to play and love each other!!!!

Nights were really cold unless you were by the fire or dancing your butt off… days were really hot!  Sunscreen was my bff! Oh and I lost my phone in the sand and someone found it and has it I just need to go pick it up from Tel Aviv. lol

The end.