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Holy Moly! Only a few days in India and I am beyond words to describe everything I am feeling & seeing.  It is definitely unlike any other country I have visited before.  First of all, you have to get an e-visa before entering the country.  This cannot be done upon arrival like all the other million countries I’ve visited.  So yes, London was fun for an extra day but we were ready for India!  Rush delivery of visa + new tickets was not the best start to our journey but like Buddha says suffering leads to happiness and my sister and I kept reminding ourselves of this.

Our mission for this trip is a spiritual journey so we followed the advice to go to the mecca of yoga and meditation – Rishikesh! It is up north about an hour from Dehradun airport.  The cab ride was only about $10.  As we drove through the very bumpy roads with no sidewalks and cows hanging out in the middle of these roads (we fed a bull and he attacked us with his horns!! it was scary!), we saw the people that live in tents made out of tarp.  This really puts extreme poverty into perspective.  More than half of the world population live on less than $2.50/ day. 

We arrived at an ashram for Master Swami Samdarshi thanks to a recommendation from our master Albert back at home (please dont hesitate to contact Albert if you want to learn more about the meditation I am about to describe – he holds weekly classes).  This ashram is full of Russian and Kazakh people!!!! We are staying in a hotel it is nice and only around $15.  We pay a little more than a dollar for breakfast and dinner and $1.50 for lunch.  You can live luxuriously for $10/ day!  We have been practicing yoga, pranayama breathing, and meditating a few hours a day.  The meditation we’ve been practicing is new to me but very exciting, some know it as Osho meditation, Kundalini meditation, holisitc / hestatic dance.  This is an exciting new form of meditation that is designed for the modern working population that tends to sit on its ass more than our ancestors did.  You basically shake and dance first to get your mind ready to be still.  It is fantastic!  We also enjoy daily lectures from the master.  Today I asked him a question:  Can you help the world while finding yourself?  To summarize his 20 minutes response: Yes, but first you must be overflowing with love.  Once you have love for yourself – unconditional love for yourself.. where you are just happy in your house alone and dont need a partner then your love will over flow to others.  You will want to share that love and happiness, but if you are sad and then you try and share love.. you are actually sharing sadness.  Beautiful and to think of it I actually reach this state some times!  Love yourself to love others.  Loving yourself fully sounds hard because we are very hypocritical of ourselves.  The simplest way to love yourself is through meditation.  You dont have to sit down, close your eyes and be silent.  Meditation simply means to be present.  You can go for a run, wash the dishes, or turn on instrumental music really loud and dance!  Just close your eyes, be silent, and be present. Today I was fully present while dancing and I felt the ecstasy running through my body!!!!!! On that note goodnight I have yoga at 7 AM & I love it!!!  P.S.  We are being eaten alive by bugs ?