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On our 3rd day in Rishikesh, our jet lag finally subsided and we thoroughly enjoyed our 7 AM yoga, breakfast, meditation and  sating (this is when the guru speaks and the audience can ask questions).  Someone asked about Karma, the master answered simply, you must exit the world by giving more than receiving or you will come back to this world with debt.

I then asked the question how to be present & meditate while dancing – since this form of meditation was so new to me.  Master Swami Samdarshi told us to just focus on the dancing, don’t mind anyone, close your eyes and just dance & really enjoy!!!
That day after he was done teaching and the music came on to begin the free dance meditation I felt nothing.  Nothing entered in my mind! I became so present & in the moment I felt the energy swimming through  my body.  As I focused my eyes on my third eye on my forehead I saw a bright white light, I felt as if I was levitating

After this day’s meditation both my sister and I walked out of the ashram high as a kite! Feeling invincible and kind of in a floaty stage.  (naturally …well at least one of us was ;))

We decided to explore Rishikesh more because we were tiered the days before and only went to the bazaars, Ganges river, the waterfall, and Osho Ashram.

This time we decided to cross the Ganges river bridge to head to the Parmarth Niketen Ashram.  I presume this is the tourist side since there were much more beggars and street food sellers.  As soon as we got off the ferry, we saw a man with no hands, of course my sister and I were inclined to give..  A few moments later there was an old grandma, again we were inclined to give.  Then we decided we need to make a budget and a quote form the book I am currently reading which is amazing and perfect timing (thanks Evan for the recommendation Shantaram.. It is about a convict who escapes prison and finds refugee in India.  The quote was about how we cannot save the whole world.. It resonated with me & hit me hard as I was walking through the streets..

So for the rest of the night as we saw the poor children and elders stricken by extreme poverty I send them love & prayers instead of my cash.

As we were walking I had the munchies and all the street food – did I mention everything is vegetarian and this is very exciting for me!  No meat temptations and new ways of preparing them veggies mmmm

I decided to try everything under the sun the samosas that were cold, sweets, freshly squeezed green juice for about $1.. take that $8 whole foods juice!  – forgetting about any advice everyone gave me and exploring (2nd strike of not following advice .. I just don’t like to listen haha I guess I like to experience the pain for myself. I think you can guess what happened … I got that food poisoning oh ya… I forgot to mention we were at an ashram and the  orange robed men drank some Ganges river water to wash away their sins and I thought to myself these holy man totally know what they are doing.  I came there on a spiritual journey I heard the Ganges River is full of energy so I followed!! duh

So after we get home and go to bed at like 8 PM since we are super tiered, I wake up at 4 AM and threw up! The next day I proceeded to be sick and I actually really enjoyed it.  Maybe because sometimes I enjoy the pain.. and I want to feel it since my life feels so god dam happy all the time.  I was sick  a month ago on my death bed for the first time ever in my life and basically got let go early ( even though I quit in December!! ) because I missed a whole week pretty much since I felt like I was dying.  I remember as I lay on the bed I analyzed my pain and thought to myself- feel the pain that all those people feel when they are suffering.  The pain my mom went through ( i mean this was nothing compare to her pain) but Ive never felt it so fully ..I couldn’t comprehend it until now.  Also, since I started volunteering at the hospital, seeing all those people in pain,  I finally could understand just a little, & for the future people I would see in this 3rd world country.  I felt happy to experience this pain and be in their shoes a little ( those suffering) so I can understand how to help them and feel them and heal their vibration even if it’s just with my energy, blessings, and meditation.
I felt this feeling before on my first ayahuasca journey.  I felt the people in pain asking me to help them, and at one point I was in their bodies feeling it.

My sister was an angel and took care of me bringing me all the remedies: Ginger shot, ginger tea, bananas and lymph (lemon mineral water recommended to us by others).  Brought me fresh bread and rice from the kitchen.  I read all day and mostly stayed disconnected from the wifi and went to sleep at 5 PM oh YA   Woke up at 6 AM the next day feeling oh so mighty fine ready for yoga… really only thing I missed and wished I could have done was yoga the day before the rest of the day was wonderful in bed.

Healed miraculously!

When my family and I travel we never stay anywhere this long but we learned a lot from this guru and the Russian community is so welcoming and loving made us feel at home.  But on the fifth day we decided to make a move. I originally planned a trip from North to South but we quickly learned from others that is it hot as shit there  and we were advised against  going (we followed this advice and I don’t want too much sun & need more nature).  So we headed more north.

Thanks to my ex coworker, Nic, who was just here a couple months back, we knew where to head!  Dharamshala! To the nature and hippies and Himalayan mountains.  So after our 7 AM yoga, breakfast, and meditation, we headed to find a bus that would take us there.  Well `as usual the last minute thing didn’t work out for us at first and the bus was full and train cancelled for that day.  The 10 hour taxi ride quoted for $140.  We decided to think about the next step over iced coffee and some vegetarian warps at the Beatles Cafe.  The Beatles actually came to Rishikesh in the 60’s and wrote most of their White Album here?? So it was pleasant to sit in this cafe overlooking a beautiful view of the Ganges River and listening to their music that has so much meaning!  I thought to myself where are the bands that sing about meaningful things these days?!

As we sat there my sister remembered reading online that there are many buses from Haridwar.  So we did just that got in a taxi to the bigger town next door and were on a bus to a city close enough to our destination.  It was a local bus and for a 10 hour ride the cost was only 500 rupees per person (~ $7.50).  My sister and I began reading and thanks to a present from Enny we both wore the motion sickness miracle bands – … I read for about 6 hours straight without getting sick.  The Kindle was so wonderful & useful to read even throughout the night (thank you for the gift Julia!!)  As I was reading Santharam, it was coming alive!!  I would pick up my eyes from the ‘book’ and look at the road and see the cows and the people.  I felt like I was part of the book, an extra.

I’ll leave you with the best quote and something I am experiencing as I meditate:

“’Oh, of course, naturally, God is impossible.  That is the first proof that He exists.’ … ‘Let me get this straight- you’re saying that because something is impossible, it exists?’ … ‘ Well, wouldn’t that mean that all the possible things don’t exist?’ … Nothing exits as we see it.  Nothing we see is really there, as we think we are seeing it.  Our eyes are liars.  Everything that seems real, is merely part of the illusion.  Nothing exists, as we think it does.  Not you.  Not me. Not this room. Nothing… The agents is creation, the energy that actually animates the matter and the life that we think we see around us, cannot be measured or weighted or even put into time, as we know it.  In one form, that energy is photons of light.  The smallest object is a universe of open space to them, and the entire universe is but a speck of dust. What we call the world is just an idea —and not a very good one, yet. From the point of view of the light, the photon of light that animates it, the universe that we know is not real.  Nothing is.
… Fate has every power over us, but two.  Fate cannot control our free will, and fate cannot lie.  Men lie, to themselves more than to others, and to others more than they tell the truth.  But fate does not lie. … ‘Reality — is nothing than an illusion. There is another reality, beyond what we see with our eyes. You have to feel your way into that reality with your heart.  There is no other way.’”