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Amazing trip with the bff Julia!  We hiked it right before I left on my world travels in March.  The first day we arrived around noon and headed to climb the Snow Peak Trail around 2PM.  We made it to the top and back down way before sunset.  It was a total of 9.4 mi (15.1 km) round trip and the elevation gain was 2,700 ft (820 m).  Somehow we had energy to run the flat part at the bottom by Mirror Lake.  During the day the temperature was great but as soon as the sun set it was freezing. We were not very prepared for the cabins.  They did not have heated cabins and we froze at night time, we recommend you rent a sleeping bag if you did not bring one.  There was only one pizza shack open for dinner…

The following day we got up a little late (11 AM oops), probably because of the terrible cold sleep we got.  I really wanted to do the Upper Yosemite Falls trail and Julia agreed.  It was hot at first so we wore nothing… definitely a mistake!  It was freezing by the waterfall and at the top where there was snow. The total distance was 9.4 miles (15 km) roundtrip, and gaining 3,000 feet in elevation along the way.

Crazy awesome 2 days!  how about we do the John Muir Trail?!!!