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July 11- July 15, 2016

Why you must do a solo backpacking trek…

I think it is different to backpack versus just go on a hike. You need a day when you are walking and you still are in the real world (or in a dream).  The second day is when you actually start really bonding with nature.  Cause now you have been spending two days together so your bondage level has increased.  Just like a human, if you are spending one day with someone you are getting to know them.. the second day… especially if you spent an entire night with someone, like I slept in nature (super scary).. you really feel close.  It was my first time sleeping alone in nature, we are always afraid of the unknown.  A youth group was camping not far from me actually made it scarier because there were people walking around at night.  A fox also tried eating my food and I scared it away.  The first night involved a lot of waking up but as the nights passed I become more accustomed and slept better.  On the last night, there were wolves howling and they did wake me up twice.

As the days passed, my mind became more clear, more mindful of my surroundings rather than the usual rubbish that goes on in our heads.  Also, being disconnected from the world was nice.  I feel sometimes like I am addicted to my phone and being connected to the world via the phone/computer.  Being disconnected has helped me kick off that silly habit of constantly checking it.  Appreciating and enjoying the present moment is truly fulfilling.  Walking through nature fueled my body and heart with love and happiness.

Also, I have come to a conclusion that you could travel the world practically free if you are trekking through nature and outside the cities.  You can sleep anywhere for free and everyone you ran along just tends to feed you… & give you presents. ? So what are you waiting for?  What’s stopping you from packing a bag and setting out to see some trees and lay on earth.. Do it! I promise you won’t regret.

Famous quotes from some of the videos that didn’t make it into the video:

“why is nature so amazing and i love it so much”
“I just came to a realization .. I really really love nature, I really really love backpacking”


Full Story

(this is more like a personal journal and you really don’t have to read it, unless you plan on hiking this trip lol):

So instead of going solo to Egypt which was the original plan, crossing the boarder and taking public transit and attending a friend’s from Cal wedding.  I decided to do a solo trip in Israel by backpacking the mountains and Kinneret.

I’ve never been really scared to go to a country but haven’t done one on my own on this trip yet. If enough people tell you it’s dangerous and you start reading the news, you reconsider.

So I woke up on July 11th and called my aunt to ask her which part of Shvil Israel is the best with the most nature.  She directed me to the North starting at Mt.Maron.  I took a few hours to pack the essentials: hiking shoes, hummock, sleeping bag, tuna cans, coffee, burner, nuts, oatmeal mix with chia & flax, carrots, and 8 liters of H2O to start with.

Then I asked my lovely sister to drive me 2 hours north.  We took a short break at the Kinneret and at 3 PM I was ready to start my journey.  A big youth group joined me.  They kept me company for some of the way and I slept not far from them my first few nights.  The first day felt easy, I walked 14 km up and down hills.  Singing to myself.

The second day was difficult, the first part of the day was a breeze.  There were swimming holes with big fish and so much beautiful nature.  Then all of the sudden, I had to climb a mountain and walk along the edge.
Some funny black girl from the states kept telling me that I was crawling when she saw me the first day.  After 2 days it felt like I really was.

On the 3rd day I was struggling, walking through the hot sun was excruciating. I walked past a cave where they found the Golgolet skull, which was the second human skull found on earth.  My burner was done so I could not make coffee and instead opted out for a nap in the shade on some dirt at one point.  I walked through agriculture land and sat under banana trees for some shade.  I later found some mango that were ripe on the ground and ate about 6 of them. I used the terra map application to track where I could fill up water because I was running out and it was a swimming spot instead.  I took off my shoes and discovered beautiful blisters.  Some boys there offered me cold water and magic mushrooms.  It was a great way to end the hard journey.  I planned on sleeping by the Kinneret lake and had to walk along the road.  I found a store with a restaurant where I purchased my water.  The restaurant owner gave me free salad and fries.  His name was Or, he was an enlightened being.  When I arrived at the Kinneret, it was magical.  At first, I thought I found a secret beach because I was the only one on the beach, this beautiful place is located at the intersection of 90 and Nof ha-Arbel St.  I would highly recommend it!  I went into the lake,  the water was extremely shallow and there were little fish that ate my skin.  I tried to meditate but the biting of the fish made it hard.  People began to arrive,  a few girls who also finished the sea to sea trek gave me cucumbers, a few men fed me the best watermelon I’ve ever had and more mango.  It started getting dark and there wasn’t a spot to hang my hammock.  There was a lovely mom and her 5 year old daughter also camping on the beach.  I asked to join them for dinner by bringing them my mango and in return they fed me a tortilla with eggs.  I ended up sleeping with them and pretended that I had a 5 year old for the evening.  This mom was a hippie mom and I thought to myself that this could be me in the future.

On the fourth day, I woke up and enjoyed the lake one more time before heading out.  There was a trek around the Kinneret according to the sign so I set out.  Unfortunately, the trek is not always around the lake and sometimes you have to go around a long way past.  I ran into the gospel trail at some point and trespassed at another point because I did not want to go all the way around.  After my trespassing experience I reached the Church of the Primacy of Peter where I meditated and lit a candle for my mom.  There was also Ein Eyov Waterfall right near the church, it was magical!

I finally walked to Capernaum/ White Synagogue.  Which was Jesus’ main base during his Galilean ministry. It is referred to as Jesus’ “own city”.  I meditated there for a few minutes before I got kicked out. Finished my last day strong an found a private beach I could get naked on.  I had a lovely dinner of marined beets, tuna, nuts, and thina. After awhile a conservative jewish family showed up and I had to put on clothes. I hang up my hammock and went to sleep, probably best sleep out of all nights.

The next day I was picked up by friends to join a bachelorette party for my future cousin in law and we hiked some more!