May 30, 2018


BioEnergy Healing with Yana Banana


YOU CAN HEAL ~ I can help!What hurts or bothers YOU?
Here’s an analogy: How do you remove the darkness out of a dark room?
Carry it out in buckets or bags? Can you cut or vaccuum it out?
No… You simply bring in the higher frequency of light to dissipate it, right?Similarly, PureBioenergy uses the higher frequency of HEALTH to dissipate lower vibrations of disease or pain, bringing your whole system back into its natural balance.
Or watch Zoran’s 2018 video on biofilled basics HERE.One full treatment consists of four sessions on four consecutive days; each one is about 20-40 minutes long. You just stand or sit fully dressed and relax.The number of treatments depends on what ailments get addressed, how long you’ve had them, etc.  Most issues improve in 2-5 treatments; some in just one; others like Parkinson’s, MS, Alzheimers, stroke, PTSD, or autism take longer.I’ve already helped many dozens of clients (& their pets) regain their health — let me help YOU!

You deserve excellent health!    

  • Nothing to ingest (drugs, pills, herbs), apply (lotions/creams), or inject.

  • Does not physically manipulate bones, muscles or joints.

  • Non-invasive, uses no equipment or machines.

  • No rituals or religious / political / esoteric affiliations.

  • No symbols, attunements or reconnecting.

  • Nothing to believe or visualize (works just as great on pets and babies).

  • Clients experience no change in their conscious state (as with hypnosis).

  • No side effects – safe and effective for adults, children, babies, and pets.

  • Because it’s not limited by space, it can be used long-distance also.

PureBioEnergy® combines the best healing effects of Reiki, acupuncture, massage, homeopathy, chiropractic and traditional medicine.As an “All-In-One” healing modality, PureBioEnergy often works when nothing else did before!
While I mostly utilize this powerful one — the Zdenko Domancic PureBioEnergy method — I also got certified in Reiki I & II (20 yrs ago), in Moto-Ki Healing Arts, Michael D’Alton Bioenergy, and have studied EFT, Feng Shui and many other modalities.  Let me help you regain your health.

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Here’s how this healing is DIFFERENT:

    • While results may often be experienced immediately, the full effect of the process is best felt (and measurable) after 7-10 days.

    • ~ Here’s a FREE CHAPTER from the book Every Healing Has a Story.

      It contains testimonials from PureBioEnergy therapists all over the world.  

    • See the history (and science) behind it in the documentary “Think About It.

    • PureBioEnergy® is a powerful, effective, natural and non-invasivemethod of healing without drugs, chemicals or any side effects.

      It provides the body with the correct information and frequency of HEALTH to balance it and to reactivate your immune system’s innate healing abilities.

    • Examples:  Injuries (new or old), backaches, sprains, inflammation, allergies, bronchitis, asthma, headaches, sinuses, arthritis, sciatica, diabetes, gangrene, eye or ear problems, sty, gout, aches & pains, stiffness, numbness, heartburn, ulcers, cysts, tumors, pneumonia,  colitis, cholesterol, thyroid issues, epilepsy, heart conditions, liver,  blood, gallbladder, kidneys, bladder, prostate, lupus, MS, Parkinson’s, ADHD, autism, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, dementia, migraines, herpes, Hep-C,colic, constipation or diarrhea, hemorrhoids, stroke, skin rashes, psoriasis, shingles, tinnitus, fibromyalgia, infertility,  anxiety, depression, anemia, autoimmune issues, etc., etc.

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  ~ Three Dog Tale:~ Sammy was an 11-yr old Great Dane with a large benign cyst; she got a few healing sessions whenever I dog-sat. She died just days before turning 13! I just had the pleasure of experiencing a 4-part BioEnergy Session with Yana Mocak.After 5 nights of having to sleep in a chair because I could not get up if I laid down, I was able to sleep in my own bed the night after my first session for over 10 peaceful and painless hours. Praise the Lord!
~ Jacquelyn A. ~ No sign of tumor, surgery canceled!Naturally, when I told her that one of my two cats had a tumor on his back, she was very concerned. They had shaved the area on Fred’s back between his shoulder blades to accentuate and delineate the tumor. Yana came over for 10 days of petsitting in my absence; I come back — and the tumor is gone!The vet’s office didn’t believe me when I called to cancel his surgery and bloodwork and had to see it to believe it.  Yana’s healing energy helped Fred – and saved us around $1000 of medical expenses! ~ Hip, hip, hurray!

Hi Yana,
It has made a shift to less discomfort and more mobility in a hip joint that has been aggravated for several years, and I feel like it has also acted like an overall health boost.I also have continuing benefit after your sessions, and I’m looking forward to improved strength and flexibility in the weeks ahead!  Wow!👍With great appreciation,~ Tim B. ~ Baby on way! ~ Improved skin condition (see pic below).

The before-and-after hand in the photos below are of a client who had patches of psoriasis and flaky, scaly eczema all over her face and body.  You can see marked improvement after only two weeks (and just one 4-day treatment).

After trying to get pregnant for almost a year, one client is now in her second semester after just one treatment.
Edit ~ it’s a boy!

What is really exciting is that your treatment has been effective beyond what I have experienced in other types of treatment.

Thank you so much for your energy work!  

~ Back pain gone!

~ Jake is a lab-ridgeback mix. I was hired to petsit him in July of 2017 when he was 20. Yes, 20! They left instructions for his cremation, etc. if he died in their absence. Thanks to PureBioEnergy, he’s still alive 11 months later, at 21!!!

~ Eddie, a 14-yr old terrier, had oozing tumors on its belly, and was expected to die soon. On the fourth treatment day the owner didn’t give him insulin since his blood sugar level had dropped to normal. (I never knew he was diabetic, so we didn’t even address it!) The tumors shrank too, and he lived for another year. 

Y O U   C A N   H E A L  ~  let me help!