Now let’s make something clear…the perception of ‘rich’ all comes down to the individual. It is the passion itself that leads to one’s wealth. Chances are, if you’re chasing money, you’ll probably end up with nothing at all. Money shouldn’t be the object of your goals; it should be the idea of success. Hard work in itself leads to success, and with success, comes wealth. Find your passion.
Guess what? Out of all the successful figures in our world today, none of them were even after the money, knowing that money is actually their own worst enemy.  Happiness is down the road.
Make sacrifices now, and enjoy the benefits later. Understand what you want and how you can get it. If it comes to making difficult choices and risking what you already have, do it. Risk can reap the greatest benefit. Chasing after your dreams and passions will ultimately lead you down the path to success, chasing money won’t.

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