I admit it. I have a party girl syndrome every couple weeks. I finally understand that I have been seeking connection through substances. I have been trying to escape and avoid reality. I now understand that it’s temporary liquid courage, temporary connection – it isn’t real.

What’s real is a deeper connection to self, facing the insecurities in the face and finding all I need inside myself. Next time I want to escape my reality through partying or any mind alterning substances.

I shall ask myself the following. Thank you @shanethesoundhealer for putting those together.

Is there anything I’m doing that’s getting in my own way?

Is there anything I should be doing that’s delaying my process?

Is there any resentment, guilt, shame, or suffering that I’m holding onto?

How can I be more of myself? And what do I truly love and want to do?

What am I calling into my life for peace, prosperity, and abundance?

What expectations am I setting for myself or others that is unachievable?

When was the last time I did something completely for myself and for no one else?

When was the last time I forgave myself? Of my challenges, and shortcomings, what truly belongs to me?

Am I taking responsibility or blame shaming?

When was the last time I had a real hug?

When was the last time I gave a real hug?

Do I have challenges in receiving? Do I have deeper challenges in “allowing”?

Where in my life am I being authentic? Within integrity?

Not authentic or not integral? What’s my relationship with risk? Vulnerability?

Who am I trying to save lest myself? Is there anything I am projecting?

Where in my life am I being to hard, critical, or judgmental on myself?

When was the last time I showed myself compassion?

Where in my being can I soften any place that feels heavy?

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