Nothing comes to us that our thoughts haven’t attracted. Dominant thoughts bring to you exactly what we desire.
By understanding that I am the creator of every experience I choose to have more delightful experiences that elevate my vibrations.
When we elevate our energy, we raise our vibrations and our desire manifests itself quicker. By raising our vibration and understanding that the world is a vibration, we become aligned with the frequency of the universe.
Becoming aligned with the universe means we have tapped into the magical energy of the world. We are balanced and centered and we can manifest everything we put our attention on with ease. Do you want a Lamborghini , Bugatti or Ferrari? a big house with a view or a promotion? a partner in life? WHY do you want it? Ultimately, because of the way it is going to make you feel. Every intention we ever had has 2 parts: what we want (the content) and why we want it (the feeling we will get after the manifestation takes place).
“What we think we become→ Thoughts become things”.
My mind is a jungle and I think about a LOT of things. When the mind is a jungle, the universe has no clear direction and can’t help in any way. The mind, like the universe is like a 6-year-old child. It needs clear concise instructions. Clear instructions means one clear concise goal at a time with a deadline. by It is the same as the fact that we can’t drive a car straight and right at the same time.
“We attract into life whatever we give attention and deliberate focus to, whether positive or negative. “
Rule of manifestation is making a Choice to shift to a more positive way of thinking every single aspect of my life looked brighter. It isn’t easy to do because our brain prefers to scans and stores negative experiences; we have to consciously make it a habit to build a positive mental attitude. It takes on average eight subsequent positive encounters to change another person’s negative opinion.
 While writing this book, I requested for everyone not to ask me anything. I became laser focused on finishing the goal and magic happened. My cluttered mind became crystal clear with anything besides this book. I was getting ideas in the shower, in the gym, in the sauna, while taking naps, in my dreams, in meditation, while meeting people and having insightful conversation. It’s like the whole universe was providing me the information that I needed and everything was clicking. I declared to the universe the date of completion for the book and he took it into his hands to make it happened for me. It is important to develop thick skin and stamina to keep pushing the completion.
Have you ever tried to find something and the moment you released and “detached yourself from it” it appeared. I have been noticing that this happens to me quite a lot because I misplace things all the time. So we declare to the universe that this is the goal and this is the deadline. Then, we put all our energy into making it happen ~ but get out of the way by thinking we know how exactly it will manifest itself.
If we start thinking thoughts like: What if it doesn’t happen, then we introduce the concept of doubt and it makes it harder for the universe to help with he manifestation process. Doubt has negative vibrations. A positive and a negative vibration cannot co-exist so choose one and choose wisely. Look and listen to the signs, the universe is screaming and giving you the answers that you need just be quiet and listen. If you feel it in your guy that something really isn’t working, LISTEN and change your strategy!
Steps to step into my power and unleash the untamed:
  1. I wrote down my name with the words Brain next to it, in the center of the page and began drawing arrows and writing down every single thing I think about.
  2. I put down my entire brain on paper.
  3. I looked at the paper and started crossing things I don’t have control over- like my mom being sick, my father having health issues… etc.
  4. I noticed that I was left with only 4 things that are in my control. I realized that thought-brain capacity is limited. If I choose to focus the on the things I can control then I am utilizing my brainpower the way I am supposed to.
  5. I meditate, at least 10 min a day. Every time my mind would drift into places where it shouldn’t be because I can’t control those situation. I would observe why and dismiss the thoughts by taking full control, breathing from my belly, not the chest.
  6. I began to move my body- going to the gym, dancing, and yoga. Understanding that we can manifest that which we give attention to, led me to understanding that we can do the same with our bodies. According to the book: The emotion code, Negative emotions get stored in our bodies on a cellular level. Negative energy travels into the weakest part of the body so if we have an injury then all our negative emotions travel there. It is the weakest link. So it is essential for us to move our bodies to stretch and put attention unto part of the body that hurt. Don’t just ignore minor signs of pain, give it attention… the body is crying for your attentionà give it attention where it belongs and see how to soothe the pain.
  7. I started a gratitude journal- I wrote down everything I am thankful for! There is so much to be thankful for. Gratitude raises my vibrations. I recognize how fortunate I am and appreciate everything that is coming my way.
  8. I wrote down my goals and made a vision board. I wrote down why I want to accomplish my goals. By connecting my goals to the “why” I’ve connected a happy feelings that achieving those goals makes me feel. By connecting the “why,” I have raised my vibrations and became magnets for attracting the people, circumstances, etc. that will help us achieve our goal. When we raise our vibrations we become really strong powerful magnet. I understand that everything has a why. When I manifest my monetary energy on the vision board for the upcoming year, I write why I need all this money. By connecting my monetary goal to the why, it gives it significance. It isn’t just a number. I added up bills + expenses for real estate business+ expenses to start a wellness center + helping my father with the house+ helping family members+ personal investing to arrive at the number.
  9. I look at the vision board and visualize everything coming true, I feel it in my belly, I get a happy euphoric feeling and cry tears of joy from disbelief… I can’t believe this is happening to me.
  10. I read the goals first thing in the morning and last thing before I hit the snooze. Repetition is key to getting it into our subconscious mind! Repetition is key to believing something is real!
  11. I believe that I am like a little kid that can have it all. I TAKE ACTION! I test-drove that car, I eventually got the car.
Our subconscious mind cannot distinguish between an event-taking place in thoughts (Visualization) and an event-taking place in reality. The subconscious mind sends the same signal in both cases- hence, the brain of a happy person is the same as a person that has just won the lottery. The brain of a happy person is the same as a successful person after he had completed his goal.

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