We start our day with the best of intentions to get all those important things done on our list…doing all of those things to get us closer to accomplishing our goals.  Then, before we know it the day is over and nothing on OUR list got done but we are exhausted from a busy day…a busy day of doing the urgent, not the important.  How did that happen?
It’s because we let others dictate how our day will go instead of taking control.  We let other people’s urgent issues as a result of their poor time management, poor planning, their procrastination and their drama take priority and control over ours.  Remember…poor planning on THEIR part does NOT constitute an emergency on your part.
Most of us are doing the urgent and that is why we never seem to get closer to our goals and what WE want to accomplish.  The key is being disciplined enough to brush off the urgent and do the important.  It is probably one of the biggest keys to success.
So, how can we do that when all of our time is spent just dealing with the crap and people coming at us all day?  Learn to say NO!!!!!  It will be tough in the beginning but after a while of saying NO and not letting yourself get dragged into other people’s drama…into their urgent and out of control life, eventually they will stop screwing up your goals and take it to someone else…or better yet, they’ll figure out how to deal with it on their own.
So…to get your important stuff done, make a conscious decision every day not to get caught up in the drama of everyone one else’s urgent and out of control life. Learn to take control of your life and your time.  Own it and learn to say NO!!!!

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