Do you always do what you say you will do? Do you always say what you do, whether good or… bad? Seriously? Think about it. There is a vast difference in between what we may say and what, in fact, we do. Difference between reality and fairy tales.
We kind of know, although we don’t care to admit it, what we should do. We say the right things and we appear to be walking the right path. We play the part where we are better than others by “selling” ourselves, often for valid and justifiable reasons.
But let’s face it, how good do we feel if we say one thing and really do another? We are saying good things but emitting negative frequency because we wish we were telling the truth but we are lying. What matters most, is what they DO! If we speak without integrity, we are committing spiritual suicide. We are causing internal conflict between positive and negative vibrations where the negative vibrations always win!
Bottom line: It’s better not to speak and then create negative vibrations telling lies.Speaking honestly with integrity and honoring every word by our actions is the key to being balanced.

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